Flash War: First Story Details Revealed

Solicitations for January are out now, and they provide some details about the plot of the upcoming Flash War arc that starts with a prelude in The Flash Annual #1 and runs through The Flash #46 to #50.

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The new arc, which was announced at New York Comic Con, will pit Barry Allen against the original Wally West to find out who can lay claim to the title of Greatest Scarlet Speedster. Wally spent quite a bit of time absent from the DCU, but has since returned in the Rebirth event. What that time out of sync might have done to his speed remains to be fully explored.

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The first issue's cover and official synopsis can be found below:

"FLASH WAR" prelude! The biggest Flash story of 2018 starts here, with a special story starring the classic Wally West, who's conflicted over whether to let Iris West know he is alive—and he'll need the help of the Flash to figure out what to do! But when Magenta, Wally's old love, needs his help, the Flash returns home to Keystone City where he is confronted with violent memories of an unknown world… A major turning point for the Flash family that sets the path for earth shattering stories in 2018!

Written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Christian Duce, the Flash War arc begins in The Flash Annual #1. The Flash Annual #1 goes on sale at comic book stores on Jan. 31, 2018. The issue's cover is illustrated by Howard Porter.

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