Flash War Epilogue Teases a DC Speedster's Retirement

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for The Flash #50, on sale now.

While the epic conclusion of Flash War has set up new mysteries and reintroduced fan-favorite characters into the DC Universe, the event's epilogue in The Flash #51 is primed to deliver another bombshell by teasing the retirement of a Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash writer Joshua Williamson shared a cover to Issue #51 by artists Howard Porter and Hi-Fi Color that features Wally West leaving the remains of his Flash suit in the middle of a road while he walks away into the sunset.

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Flash War saw Wally West attempting to free his forgotten children from the Speed Force with the help of his rival, Hunter Zolomon. Of course, Hunter's offer of help was all a ruse to get the upper hand on Wally and Barry Allen while he raced to his ultimate goal of rewriting the past, present and future. During their battle, Hunter unlocked the Sage and Strength Forces, and was also present for the breaking of the Speed Force, resulting in the loss of time travel in the DC Universe for all speedsters.

Wally's potential retirement could play into Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes in Crisis miniseries, which has Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman form a superhero rehabilitation center named Sanctuary. Depending on Wally's state of mind after coming so close to a reunion with his kids, the speedster could turn to Sanctuary for support.

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Of course, another possibility is Wally hanging up the trunks could lead to another speedster -- like the one shown in The Flash #50's final pages -- stepping in to take his place.

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