Flash War Cover Reveals the Justice League Will Join the Speedster's Fight

It appears that when Flash War hits full stride in the next couple of months, the Justice League will be called in to stop Barry Allen.

The event, announced at last year’s NYCC, has brewing for some time now and when writer Joshua Williamson teams with artist Howard Porter to detail the battle between Barry and Wally West in the The Flash issues #47 to #50, it seems one Flash will indeed be running afoul of his rivals.

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As seen from a cover (drawn by Porter, colored by Hi-Fi Colors) tweeted out by Williamson for Flash #49, the Leaguers such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Wally himself, and dozens more, are trying to stop an enraged Barry Allen. No context is provided for why they're taking action in this, the third part of the arc, but clearly Barry's a man on a mission. As it stands, his fellow heroes will most likely be taking him down, because as is the norm, Barry's actions often do affect the greater DC universe.

Williamson, who has been writing The Flash since the beginning of DC Rebirth in 2016, first teased the upcoming conflict between the Flashes in last January’s The Flash Annual #1 with art by Christian Duce. The annual showed the civil war forming after Wally, the original Kid Flash, became angry with his former mentor for allowing his aunt Iris West to kill Eobard Thawne and become a wanted woman in the far-future when the Reverse-Flash threatened both their lives.

Despite the tension between the two speedsters simmering down a bit, the arrival of Hunter Zolomon, Wally’s own Reverse-Flash, coupled with the sudden return of all of Wally’s pre-Rebirth memories, appears to have put the two superheroes on a collision course once again.

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Flash War officially kicks off in The Flash #47 written by Joshua Williamson with art by Howard Porter out on May 23. A prelude leading into the event takes place in The Flash #46 out on May 9 also written by Williamson with art by Scott Kolins, who co-created Hunter Zolomon with Geoff Johns in 2001.

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