Barry Allen & Wally West Face Off in Tease of Flash War's First Page

The "Flash War" storyline promises a heated battle between Barry Allen and Wally West, and it looks like that fight starts on page one.

Joshua Williamson, the writer on The Flash, posted a scene from "Flash War" on his Twitter page with the unlettered first page of issue #47. The art by Howard Porter shows how Barry and Wally's ongoing disagreements explode into a heated argument. He also stated that he might be posting more art in the future.

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The two Flashes have been arguing for some time now, with Wally angry over how Barry has been treating the people around him. The elder Flash likely didn't help his cause when he enlisted Godspeed to help him get his powers back during Gorilla Grodd's takeover of Central City in "Perfect Storm." As it turns out, Barry desperation to regain his abilities may have doomed everyone as a result.

Both Williamson and Porter have been teasing scenes and characters from the upcoming storyline over the last few weeks. Porter previously teased the inclusion of Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick. The epic "Flash War" is expected to kick off in The Flash #47, and continue through the Summer.


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