Flash War Will Decide Who's Better: Barry Allen or Wally West


Next year, Flash fans will finally learn who can lay claim to the title of the greatest Scarlet Speedster in the DC Universe: Barry Allen, or the original Wally West.

During DC Comics' Metal and The New Age of DC Heroes panel at New York Comic Con, the upcoming story arc "Flash War" was announced. Scripted by current Flash writer Josh Williamson with art by Christian Duce and covers by Howard Porter, the storyline debuts January 31 in Flash Annual #1 and runs through issue #46 to #50.

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"Let’s see who’s the best Flash," Williamson said, teasing the storyline's premise. "That’s one of the ramifications that comes out of Metal… We have 'Flash War' coming out." The writer promised that when Flash #46 arrives, fans will know once and for all which is hero to don the red and gold is the one most worthy of bearing the name of The Flash.

It's interesting to note that the argument being teased is which hero is "best," not "fastest," which is generally the title Flashes find themselves competing over. Traditionally, Barry has been presented as the faster of the two, though Wally's speed has been increased more and more over the years. What Wally's time spent out of sync with the DCU might have done to his speed remains to be fully explored, though that, and his current heart condition, will likely have an effect on his swiftness.

Of course, it wouldn't take half a dozen issues for the pair to run a simple race, so it's probably a pretty safe bet that they'll be competing on a different level than we've seen in the past. Whether it'll be a good-natured competition or a way of resolving some bad blood resulting from the events in Metal, however, is another question entirely.

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