The Flash's Vibe Is Better Suited For Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash has become a hot spot for metahuman heroes. In addition to the titular hero, Barry Allen and Iris West's daughter Nora is now hanging around STAR Labs with Elongated Man, Killer Frost and Vibe. That's a lot of superheroes to have on hand and, while the CW drama often splits up the characters for their own side stories, some definitely get the short end of the stick. This season, that's Cisco "Vibe" Ramon, who was taken out of commission early on when the villainous Cicada injured his hands.

Unable to use his powers without risking his life, Cisco has been relegated to team techie. Even if he is healed before the season ends, he's still left behind by all of the family-focused storylines. To that end, there's only real answer for what to do with Vibe: Move him to DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Flash has ported its characters to Legends in the past; indeed, most of the original Waverider crew started out in Central City, and last season featured Kid Flash during its final half, although Wally then left the team to continue finding himself. It wouldn't be out of the question for Cisco to pop aboard the Waverider, especially as he proved adept at flying the ship during last year's "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover.

Last week's episode of The Flash established that, because his powers are on the fritz, Cisco thinks he's an outcast among the team, and that's actually kind of true. Caitlin has Killer Frost and her biology know-how; Ralph and Sherloque are rendering Cisco's Vibe powers irrelevant due to their detective skills; and Iris is no stranger to hacking, and running STAR Labs tech. Nora is now sharing the super-spotlight with her dad, and the world, by and large, believes Vibe is dead. It's the perfect time for him to find his place among the other misfits.

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