Did The Flash Actually Kill Off Vibe?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "The Death of Vibe," the latest episode of The Flash.

Did The Flash actually kill off Cisco "Vibe" Ramon in "The Death of Vibe?" Yes and no. While Cisco survived Cicada's attack, Team Flash staged Vibe's death and announced it to the press to spare him from Cicada's wrath. As such, Vibe is publicly "dead," though Cisco is alive and well.

In "The Death of Vibe," Cicada turned his deadly intent on Vibe. In order to lure Vibe out, Cicada kidnapped Joe West. As soon as Joe's distress call went out, both Flash and Vibe showed up to help, only for Cicada to tackle Vibe backwards through his own breach. They ended up in a forest, where Cicada enabled his metahuman-suppressing dagger, rendering Cisco powerless.

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A fight ensued. Without his powers, both Barry and Cisco were severely outmatched. Cicada ultimately got the upper hand on Barry and would have killed him, if not for Nora showing up at the last second and blasting him with Speed Force lightning. While Cicada was down, Nora tossed Cisco an explosive fusion cell, which he lobbed at Cicada. Cicada hit it back at Cisco with his dagger and it exploded, leaving behind a smoking crater and some remnants of Cisco's Vibe costume.

Cicada, believing he had finished the job, took off. Horrified, Barry approached the smoldering crater, only to find Vibe's crushed glasses and gauntlets. Cisco leapt out of a breach just moments later, injured and missing pieces of his costume, but alive.

Cisco can credit Nora with saving his life. As he battled Cicada, Nora took her father's advice and mapped out a plan before she sped into action. She managed to pass Cisco one of his breach devices before Cicada landed his attack. "Your daughter -- she remembered there's more than one way to open a breach," he explained, showing Barry the device.

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"I figured Cicada wouldn't give up until Vibe was dead," Nora said. "So I gave him what he wanted."

The episode then cut to STAR Labs, where Iris could be seen reading a news article with the headline "Vibe Dead!" As such, Cicada has every reason to believe Vibe is dead, even as Cisco continues to aid Team Flash.

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