Barry Allen Goes on Trial in The Flash Midseason Premiere Promo

barry allen arrested on the flash

On The Flash, Barry Allen is about to find out, like his father before him, what it's like to be incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit.

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When the CW returns in January, the hero will face time in prison as stands trial for murder. The promo for the midseason premiere reveals that the episode will pick up right where this week's episode left off.

The midseason finale, "Don't Run," ended the season's first half with a cliffhanger, as Barry's nemesis Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker, left his body inside Barry's apartment after transferring his consciousness into that of a younger, healthier man. After luring Barry (Grant Gustin) away from a festive gathering with his family and friends, DeVoe revealed his full plan when Barry came home to what was made to look like a crime scene. The police arrived in a timely manner, and Barry opted not to run, and instead face whatever comes next.

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The promo shows the series will waste no time in embarking on the famous comic book storyline "The Trial of Barry Allen," and it looks like Barry will have a tough time proving his innocence. DeVoe's strength is that he thinks of every eventuality, putting him 10 steps ahead. He has planned for an airtight case against Barry, and it appears the only way out for The Flash will be to reveal his true identity to the world.

The Flash returns Tuesday, Jan. 16, on The CW.

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