The Flash: How Cicada Fits Into Nora's Mysterious Past

The Flash may soon be seeing double. As the Scarlet Speedster and his friends attempt to defeat Cicada, the menace they could never catch, several clues have come to light regarding both their own future and that of the metahuman serial killer. Thanks to new information from Barry and Iris' trip through Nora's memories in "Memorabilia," it seems there may be not one, but two Cicadas in her timeline -- and that might have everything to do with her decision to return to the past.

Between Nora's memories and that of Cicada's niece Grace Gibbons, "Memorabilia" yielded a lot of hints about Nora's timeline, but let's start with Nora's memories of the Flash Museum. As the villain that got away, Cicada is the Hall of Villain's centerpiece, and his exhibit comes with its own video display. "Who is Cicada?" it asks. "Officials believe he is Orlun Dwyer, a metahuman born in the Enlightenment. But, when Cicada resurfaced in 2024, after the Flash vanished, some were left to speculate that Cicada is not a man at all, but an immortal monster."

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First of all, the exhibit correctly pins Dwyer as Cicada, which indicates the team is on the right track. However, the exhibit claims Cicada "resurfaces," which suggests he disappeared for some period of time. Thus, it's possible Team Flash successfully takes Dwyer down in this timeline. After all, villains like Zoom, Savitar and Thinker were destroyed in their final battles with Flash; they certainly weren't arrested or hauled off to jail, which means they too "disappeared," at least from Central City's point of view. So, Team Flash could stop Dwyer even as a new Cicada appears, with the citizens of Central City simply not knowing the difference.

The exhibit's video drops another interesting tease: "Some were left to speculate that Cicada is not a man at all, but an immortal monster." Cicada might not be "a man at all" because she is very likely Grace, not Dwyer. Seeing as this Cicada rises in 2024, she would certainly be old enough to take up her uncle's mantle. What's more, Grace's memories lay the groundwork for her to take a villainous turn.

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According to Grace's memory of the car accident, her parents were killed by metahumans. Worse, the Enlightment was also caused by metahumans, albeit indirectly. Team Flash's actions led to Thinker's death, which triggered his satellites -- the ones repurposed for the Enlightenment -- to crash out of the sky. Pieces of this satellite struck Grace and her uncle, causing her coma and the manifestation of his powers. She has also been aware during her coma, which means she can hear the news and the reports of continuing metahuman attacks from the TV in her hospital room. Worse, she has heard Dwyer and Dr. Ambres discuss all the ways Flash has hurt her uncle.

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