EXCLUSIVE: The Flash's Villainous Spin Is Part of a New Generation of Metas

There's a new villain in Central City. In "News Flash," tonight's episode of The Flash, Kiana Madeira will make her debut as Spencer "Spin" Young. Set to recur, Spin hopes to become famous by being the first to report the biggest news in Central City -- even if by nefarious means. Armed with meta tech, she is out seize the opportunity that is Nora West-Allen, aka XS.

Speaking with CBR, Madeira introduced her "charming," "personable" and competitive character. She revealed Spencer's goals, the character's dynamic with Iris West-Allen as well as Nora and her favorite scene. She also teased a major mystery surrounding Spin's powers, her interaction with the Scarlet Speedster himself and more.

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CBR: How would you describe Spin in your own words?

Madeira: In my own words, Spin is a very charming young social media influencer who takes advantage of the day and age that we're living in and seizes the opportunity to make herself famous.

When your casting was announced, your character was described as an "aspiring social media influencer." Can you talk a little about her relationship with social media?

Originally, Spin -- Spencer Young -- actually worked with Iris at CCPN [Central City Picture News] and, from there, she's starting her own blog. So now she's kind of working on her own and she's using her social media platform to pretty much be the first one to report the biggest news in Central City.

Spin isn't the only influencer in Central City. What can you tell us about her dynamic with Iris West-Allen?

There's definitely some competition between them, which you will see, and I'm excited for that to be introduced. Yeah, there's a little bit of a competition in their relationship, and Spencer Young is a little bit younger than Iris, so there's that kind of vibe between them as well. I would say mostly it's competition.

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It looks like Spin is really drawn to XS. What is it about Nora that really caught her attention?

Well, Nora -- XS -- is new. She's a new superhero and everyone is so excited about anything that's new. So, for Spencer, this is such an amazing opportunity for almost like fresh meat in Central City.

Which character were you most excited to interact with coming into the show?

Oh, I was definitely excited to interact with Flash. [Laughs] And Grant [Gustin] is so amazing. Honestly, the whole cast was so welcoming and accepted me with such open arms and it was a very comfortable vibe on set. Yeah, I got to do a little bit of work with Grant as the Flash. My parents are huge fans of The Flash as well and so am I, so it was pretty surreal and I was very excited to get to work with him.

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