Flash, Sin City 2, Ultimate Avengers, 300: September 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Ryan Reynolds talked to IESB about his hopes to speed up his career. "Yeah, there are so many issues with that, that's a humongous movie, if it does go I am sure it has to go through all the appropriate channels. I imagine God is financing it, I don't even know, I don't know what it would cost to do that movie but it's all that sort of stop motion stuff, it would just be a huge feat, but it is something I am excited to do and I know David Goyer's really into it so. Yeah, yeah, hopefully."


Speaking of IESB, They have video interviews (Windows Media required) with actors Powers Booth and Jaime King talking sequel.



How about a poster? Would you like a poster? You would? Alright, here's the new poster for the direct-to-DVD release, headed your way in February.

For more on the "Ultimate Avengers" DVD, as well as a look at the first poster, click here.


Another casting call has gone out, according to Superhero Hype. This time, they're looking for a slim young female oracle, performing underwater with long hair.


It's beginning to look a lot like "Lexmas," or so says the spoiler page at Kryptonsite, where they caught a list of casting notices for the December episode. They also got yesterday's Wizard Magazine (for some reason it didn't ship to Culver City's Comics Ink -- thanks Diamond!) for some quotes from Tom Welling about the series this year. "I would like to see the show continue as long as we maintain the integrity of what we set out to do," the actor said, "and that is to show Clark Kent before he becomes Superman, learning about where he's from and these abilities he has. Once things become easy for Clark, that's when they're done."


As for how things end, well, Now Playing Magazine's interview with show producer Al Gough sums it up. "'Guess what? It'll all end badly. That's how it ends! How else could it end?' laughs the producer. He's referring of course to the friendship between Lex Luthor and Clark. '[We write Lex] with extreme difficulty,' says Gough, 'But he's also the most fun. It's interesting for people to see how Clark becomes a hero, but like Anakin Skywalker, how does someone who wants to do the right thing ultimately come to a point in his life where he stops? What are the choices he makes? Anakin did it out of love and fear really, and then got f***ed. It's interesting to watch how that happens' ... 'Will it end with him putting on the suit? And Lex making that last step to evil? Yeah, absolutely.'"



According to Models.com (warning: TOPLESS PHOTO therein), "Our much loved Omahyra [Mota] has cinched a role in 'X-Men 3,' currently being lensed by Brett Ratner. Though Miss Mota has a three month shooting schedule, she was flown in by Gwen Stefani, especially for her turn down the L.A.M.B catwalk during NY Fashion Week. Then it was back to the top secret set for more 'X-Men' action. Bet you can't wait to suss out which character she'll be playing!"


Back in a more family-friendly world, Comics Continuum has log lines on new episodes of the Cartoon Network series, including appearances by Dr. Light (no "Identity Crisis" jokes from any of youse), Red Star and Monsieur Mallah.


Argh -- another title rumor, over at Batman-On-Film from a tipper who paid off a year ago. Scooper sez, "if you remember, I emailed you a year a so ago when BATMAN BEGINS was still filming. I have worked as a key grip for several years now (as I told you before), including many projects on the Warner Bros. lot. Anyway, the reason I'm writing is that I've got a family member and many friends who are 'in the business' as well, and I may have a potential sequel title for you. If true, it sort of makes sense, as Gordon alludes to it at the end of the movie when he's talking to Batman on the rooftop. Let me preface by telling you and your readers to take this with a grain of salt, but there is some rumblings that the sequel could be titled 'BATMAN ESCALATION.' I'll also tell you that we've heard 'BATMAN ATTACKS' as well, but not 'BATMAN STRIKES' as you reported earlier. "


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