The Flash: Barry's Daughter Reveals His Post-Crisis Status

The Flash Season 5 premiere has a pretty major throwback to the series' very first episode. In "Nora," Barry, Iris and the rest of Team Flash dealt with the fallout of Nora West-Allen's arrival in their present. As his daughter stalled for time, Barry arrived at an alarming realization that has everything to do with a key revelation in the series premiere.

As Barry explained why he was so upset about Nora's arrival, he came to a startling realization. "You'd think she was the one who grew up with a parent in --" he said, stopping short. When Iris asked what was wrong, he brushed her off and went looking for Nora, who he found gazing wistfully at an old photo of Team Flash.

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"Nora, what happens to me in the future? You said that you spent your whole life with your mom, but you didn't say the same for me," he explained. They then went to Reverse-Flash's secret room, where they pulled up the infamous newspaper article from the Season 1 premiere: "Flash Missing; Vanishes in Crisis" by Iris West-Allen, dated April 2024.

When he asked her how long, Nora pulled up another newspaper article: "25 Years Later - Flash Still Missing" also by Iris West-Allen, but this time from 2049. "You never come back," Nora admitted. "I was born a few years before you vanish, but I don't have any memories of you." According to her, Barry and Iris' wedding "was pretty much the first time I met you."

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lied," she added. "I just wanted to see you so badly. Spend a day with you. Go for a run for the first time together."

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Before Barry could really process what this all meant, he was called away by Caitlin, who had discovered Gridlock's location and an emergency situation. They managed to solve the crisis together, but -- when it came time for Nora to run home -- Barry had a change of heart. "Now I'm thinking that maybe we should make sure her powers are working correctly before we send her home," he lied, making her smile. The team agreed and set her up to stay in STAR Labs' lounge. Considering Nora actress Jessica Parker Kennedy is a series regular for Season 5, fans can expect to see a lot more of her this year.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanaugh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Hartley Sawyer and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

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