FLASH MOBBED: 5 Rogues We Want to See Terrorize TV's Barry Allen

His name is Barry Allen, he's the fastest man alive -- and he'll be speeding onto your television screens on a weekly basis come this fall! Last week, the CW released the a few teasers for the upcoming "Flash" television series, and they pretty much ran circles around fan expectations. The five minute glimpse at the "Arrow" sister show presents not only a Barry Allen we can believe in, but special effects that seem surprisingly big compared to everything else we've seen on the small screen. "The Flash" looks like the new super hero show to beat, and it's already got a healthy head start.

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The trailer also revealed what looks to be Flash's first big challenge in an updated form of the hero's classic Rogue, Weather Wizard. Though he's named Clyde rather than Mark, the bad guy can be seen in the trailer, whipping up a tornado with his bare hands. Unlike a lot of other super hero shows which keep their villains decidedly unpowered, it looks like "The Flash" is jumping right into the super-powered supervillain deep end, and with that in mind, here are five more Rogues we hope to see in season one.

Abra Kadabra
Don't be fooled by Abra Kadabra's magic tricks. He's not really a master of magic at all, he just hails from the 64th century -- a time filled with hyper-advanced science that has made the entire concept of "magic" obsolete. With his advanced scientific comprehension, Abra traveled back in time to dazzle the citizens of the modern day -- except in a super villain-y way. Kadabra's involvement in the show would mean opening up the can of worms that is time travel, but "The Flash" might already be on that track thanks to what we see of the titular hero's super powers in the trailer. Once you explain how Abra's in the present day, the rest of his mysticism is easily explained -- it's just science, after all.

Captain Cold

Considering how crucial he's been in the comics since his debut in 1957, I'd estimate there's absolutely zero chance of Leonard Snart not appearing in "The Flash." This morally complex Rogue has worked his way up to being one of the Flash's most intense adversaries. Captain Cold's abilities -- or lack thereof, depending on your preferred continuity -- would easily fit in with the expanding "Arrow"-verse. Originally, Snart was originally just a regular human being with an array of ice-based weapons, weapons powerful enough to even make Mr. Freeze pause. In the New 52, however, it's been revealed that Cold's powers come from within him, which fits in perfectly with the metahuman comments made throughout the "Flash" trailer. Whether he's super-powered or technologically enhanced, one thing is certain: Captain Cold has to appear on the show.

Heat Wave

On the other end of the spectrum lies Heat Wave, the pyromaniac Rogue who carries a few flamethrowers with him wherever he goes. Mick Rory's bad guy history is spotty; he's gone straight on a few occasions, leading him to work alongside firefighters and even befriending the Flash for a period of time. These aspects of his history could lead to a slow burn reveal, with Mick being introduced on "The Flash" as a firefighter and friend of Barry Allen's before coming down with a severe case of Rogue fever. And with pyrotechnics always a camera-friendly effect, his "powers" lend themselves perfectly to live action television.

Mirror Master

If there's one villain that can really agitate the Flash in his newly-minted crime-fighting career, it's Mirror Master. Most of the Rogues rely on physical attacks, but not Sam Scudder. No, this guy can travel through reflections, create holograms and access other dimensions. It'll be hard for the Flash to fight what he can't touch, and it would look glorious on camera. The show could also adapt elements from Scudder's successor, Evan McCulloch, whose mercenary Mirror Master persona might fit in well with the slightly more grounded reality created for the CW shows. His struggles with addiction and tragic backstory might even make him one of the more sympathetic Rogues.

Captain Boomerang

Aspiring entertainer Digger Harkness turned to a life of crime after audiences weren't impressed with his boomerang skills. Okay, so he might not have the most rational origin story, but Captain Boomerang's still one of the Flash's most well-known villains, and the fact that he's accomplished as much as he has with only an arsenal of trick boomerangs at his disposal speaks to the character's staying power. Heck, not even death has been able to slow this guy down! And if "Flash's" producers don't think exploding boomerangs are hip enough, they could always give the character the second Captain Boomerang's speed burst powers, making him a more even match for Barry.

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