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Flash, Mirrormask, X-Men 3, The Crow: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 1st

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Flash, Mirrormask, X-Men 3, The Crow: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 1st


The New York Daily News caught up with screenwriter and director David Goyer, who talked about his work on the adaptation. “Fans know there’s been more than one Flash over the years,” Goyer said. “There’s been a lot of speculation and rumor, but both Barry Allen and Wally West will be in this movie. We’re going to go into the ‘Speed Force’ and a lot of the cosmic aspects of the character from the more recent past. Trust me, we’re going to do a lot more than have the Flash run on water and create vortexes. I have a guy from M.I.T. helping me with all of this. We’re going to be playing with relativity, Doppler effects and all kinds of things like that. Audiences will be amazed.”


There’s a new clip from the Neil Gaiman project online at Moviefone.


Speaking of Neil Gaiman, the writer wrote in his weblog that he visited the offices for the production. “I spent about 45 minutes a few days ago in the ‘X-Men 3’ offices, seeing what they’d planned for the movie, watching animatics of some of the sequences, admiring the concept art. I heard people there muttering about the fact they’d got a movie coming out in May 2006 and they didn’t seem to have the budget to make the film they were planning, and how they’d probably be reduced to a pulse-pounding tiddlywinks battle between Magneto and Wolverine in the final sequence — but they all seemed very committed to the project, while hoping that their budget and time issues could be worked out with the powers that be.”

The Writers Guild of America site has two interviews worth noting. Their chat with Simon Kinberg gives a taste of what we can expect. “I am working on ‘X-Men 3’ right now and that’s certainly a more somber, serious tone. And it’s really about character. I thought the first two ‘X-Men’ movies were so effective because they were truly rooted in this strange, dysfunctional family of mutants, versus just about what they can blow up.”

They also talked to Sheldon Turner about the “Magneto” spinoff. “With Magneto, the first thing I did was go back and read every comic book with a reference to him in it. What you find is that there’s some really smart stuff there. There’s some stuff you can take and some things that you respectfully reject because you have to ask: Is it going to play cinematically? It’s a negotiation of sorts because you don’t want to get all the ‘X-Men’ fans abuzz about how you didn’t pay respect to the core origin, but you also have to make it accessible to those who don’t know who Magneto is. Even if you haven’t seen an ‘X-Men’ movie, good drama is good drama.”

With Avi Arad confirming that Maggie Grace is out as Kitty Pryde (more on that in a bit), “Serenity” star Summer Glau is allegedly next in the queue, which prompted creator Joss Whedon to respond on the Serenity Message Boards (registration required). “Summer did read for Kitty in ‘X3.’ I know because she called me and mentioned she was going to and did I know anything about the character (there were no ‘sides’ to study — they had to get them when they came in). So the girl I turned into sort of a superhero in my movie was going to read for the character that most influenced ALL my girl-heroes, Kitty Pryde. Karmically funky. Anyhoo, she called me after and said it was very emotional and kind of like when she read for ‘FIREFLY,’ she just got into a very intense groove. She started telling me about the scene she read and that’s when I realized WHY it was kind of like she read for ‘FIREFLY.’ ‘Cause (as you may know) it was a scene I wrote for ‘Astonishing X-Men’ issue #5. I assume they just didn’t have sides ready and used that but this was like a karmic Moebius strip, it was just too folded in on itself. In this time of odd, I turned to beer. (No I didn’t. Stay in school.) I don’t know what the X-peeps are looking for — or even if that other girl has really dropped out — but for my money, Summer would make a wonderful Kitty. (And I don’t say that lightly).”

Finally, the New York Post (registration required) has a rumor in its notorious Page Six column that one of the X-Men’s more controversial characters may sneak in the next film. “RED-blooded director Brett Ratner is having his dream character written into the new ‘X-Men 3’ movie. The mutant is, according to an inside source, ‘an unbelievably hot and sexy hooker. Her super power is that she secretes a pheromone that helps her to seduce men. She can seduce anyone.’ The source added the character has not yet been cast but, ‘they are open to all ethnicities who are in their early-to-mid 20s.’ Unknowns Kate Nauta and Aya Sumika are apparently auditioning. A rep for Ratner didn’t return calls.”


A female undead avenger? One of African descent? That’s what producer Jeff Most talked to Moviehole about. “I think it will boil down to what fans think of this film,” said Most. “Just because this one went direct to video, doesn’t mean the next one has too — case in point, Dimension’s ‘Halloween H20.’ The three sequels before that went straight to video, and then ‘H20’ did 140 million dollars worldwide or something. It really becomes a matter of studios supporting the film. We’ve talked about a female Crow — that’s something we’ve wanted, and have talked for a great deal of time about. We’ve talked about an African American Crow, we’ve talked about setting ‘The Crow’ not just in America, but also outside of America — there’s obviously many, many ways to go. I think The Crow concept is one that’s very vital, very strong, and very heartfelt — the notion of poetic justice, putting things right. I don’t think there’s a need to limit us from a fifth ‘Crow,’ I’d really like to see the franchise continue, but really, it’s up to the fans.”


Speaking of clips (it was just a few news items ago, come on, stay with us), there’s 60 seconds of the Tim Story-helmed story of Marvel’s first family over at

Likewise, Comics Continuum has a nice feature that pretty much sums up Michael Chiklis’ experience in the sixty pound suit.


Devoted to Smallville took the time to scan in a slightly spoiler-esque article from the most recent issue of Wizard talking about more of what we can expect in season five.


According to Variety (subscription required), “A small-screen ‘Punisher’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ are in the works. Two projects are in development with NBC.”


Superhero Hype has a rumor on an alleged shooting location for the production. “The new ‘Superman’ movie is going to be filmed over the next 3 days at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia. The rock formation called the 12 Apostles are going to be filmed and special effect artists are going to turn them into Kryptonite Rocks at a later time.”

The eighteenth video blog from the production has been posted at revealing more of the special effects magic going on down under.


Actor Christian Bale told MTV whose face he wants to be punching in the next movie. “I want to see the Joker, because I think it will be a very different kind of Joker than people have seen before,” he said. “I think even the card that you see at the end of the movie shows that it is a darker, more sinister-looking Joker than anything I have seen depicted before. I think it would be a good adversary.”

Bale also told the Chicago Sun-Times (link iffy at press time) that he didn’t miss a certain Boy Wonder at all. “Thank God, there was no Robin,” Bale said. “You really don’t need him because Robin makes it campy and not dark.”


The team at IESB did a forty minute video interview with Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad, and chopped it into six Windows Media files. What? Too impatient to wait for all that? Okay, well Moviehole summarized most of it, including confirming Maggie Grace’s exodus from Xavier’s (as noted earlier), notes on the biblical overtones of the Silver Surfer, mulling the Puppet Master as the adversary for “Fantastic Four 2,” rumoring that Professor X may take a dirt nap, and optimism for Frank Castle and the good doctor Banner.


Wow, how’s that for a busy news day to cap off your weekend? If you have the scoop on anything related to comic book movies, TV adaptations or just want to give us a briefcase full of cash, no questions asked, drop us a line and let’s coordinate. You can choose an alias if you’d like, or be mentioned by name — we honor requests for anonymity. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, I’m not sure whether there’s a column Monday and “don’t blame me, I’m drunk too!”

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