When the Flash Failed a Mission Because He Was Getting Busy With His Wife

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Today we look at a time that the Flash failed on a mission because he was a bit too busy in bed with his wife!

Robert Kanigher had been writing Wonder Woman since the 40s but he was removed from the title in 1968 so that Mike Sekowsky could try a more "modern" take on the character. Kanigher still had his war titles (and in a few years, he oddly enough would take over DC's romance titles), but this led to a weird little period in the late 1960s where Kanigher bounced around various titles and you could see that he was trying his best to match the modern era and this led to a dark Flash story in Flash #192 ( Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, a reunion of the long-running Wonder Woman creative team) that is just so, so odd.

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The issue opens with Barry Allen about to leave on a mission as the Flash. However, his wife, Iris Allen (who had learned his secret identity a while before this) wants some loving and so he spends some time with her in bed...

The bedroom rendezvous slowed the Flash down, so he missed the deployment of a nuclear submarine that he was supposed to be going on board as security. And sure enough, after it disembarked, it was lost!

The reporter there covering the mission called it outright - it was the Flash's fault!

And the rest of Central City agreed!

The Flash feels down, so his wife takes him to visit a friend of hers, whose wife is missing....

The guy just happens to have JUST returned to his lighthouse home after he and his wife had also been captured by bad guys and exposed to some deadly gas (how weird is it that he's having visitors over?)...

The Flash then finds the missing submarine, which a bad guy plans to use to launch a nuclear attack on the United States, AND the missing wife! They agree to help Flash to attack the bad guys...

They stop the bad guys and Flash frees the sub. He then runs the wife to her husband, but the gas has killed her before she got home, at the same time her husband died! Their spirits, though, merge in the light (there was a bit earlier when the husband was telling their back story about meeting in the light, so this isn't totally out of nowhere)...

What a weird, weird story. But awesomely bizarre!

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