Flash Kills Green Lantern's Love Life In New "Throne of Atlantis" Clip

They're often known as the Brave and the Bold, but DC Comics heroes Flash and Green Lantern may be better known as the Bro and the Bro after fans see them in the upcoming DC Universe animated feature "Justice League: Throne of Atlantis."

Today, WB Animation released a new clip from the film focusing on Barry Allen and Hal Jordan's relationship with some rather dude-like camaraderie. Christopher Gorham and Nathan Fillion reprise their roles as Flash and GL, respectively.

The film is a loose adaptation of the Geoff Johns-penned event of the same name, and it's the latest DC animated film set in the shared universe established by the similarly New 52-tweaking movie "Justice League: War."

CBR News spoke with producer James Tucker last year about the movie, and he explained, "What we've been trying to do at DC Animation throughout the years is bring Aquaman back, by giving him spotlight roles in our other series... he likes himself. That's the thing about Aquaman; he's not one of these guys that's all navel-gazing and tortured. He likes being Aquaman. He likes his responsibility, he likes being king of the seas. At least, that's our take on him."

"Throne of Atlantis" arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on January 27 from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment.

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