Jay Garrick Teased As Part of DC's Flash War

The brewing DC Comics conflict between Barry Allen and Wally West may also end up involving the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick.

The Flash artist Howard Porter teased Garrick's return in a GIF posted on Twitter that depicts the original Flash seemingly trapped in the Speed Force. Judging by the accompanying text, the classic hero isn't in good shape.

Jay Garrick hasn't been seen since last year's "The Button" crossover between The Flash and Batman, in which he'd pried himself loose from the Speed Force and attempted to use Barry as his lightning rod the same way Wally did in the DC Rebirth special. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and he disappeared.

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Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter have been building to the epic storyline "Flash War" for some time. Barry and Wally already seem at odds, but the argument will soon develop into a major conflict with The Flash #47, out in May.

Given that there are so many speedsters running around the DC Universe -- Barry, Wally, the other Wally, Godspeed, Negative Flash, Reverse Flash and Zoom — it makes sense that the more familiar Flashes might return. We've already seen hints that Bart Allen and Max Mercury could be around, and now it looks as if Jay Garrick might be involved in some way as well.

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