The Flash Reveals Gypsy's Given Name

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Elongated Journey Into the Night," the latest episode of The Flash.

Thanks to her father's visit to Earth-1, we finally know Gypsy's given name: Cynthia. In "Elongated Journey Into the Night," the latest episode of The Flash, Breacher paid a visit to Earth-1 to learn more about -- and threaten -- his daughter's boyfriend Cisco. In that time, he also revealed her given name.

The episode opened with a romantic moment between Cisco and Gypsy. He soon paused and asked after her "real" name, which she refused to give. Before they could get back into the mood, Breacher vibed into his room and threatened Cisco, halting that conversation in its tracks.

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After Cisco won Breacher's respect by standing up to him, Breacher returned to his Earth. Before he did that, though, he called Cynthia by her name, much to Cisco's delight. Breacher also revealed that his given name is Josh.

Of course, DC Comics fans will be familiar with Gypsy's given name. After all, in the comics, Gypsy is a codename for Cynthia Reynolds.

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