Flash Gordon Forever!

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When the RHI Entertainment and the SCI FI Channel premier the newest version of Flash Gordon on August 10, the swashbuckling space cowboy will once again be in the consciousness of viewers around the world. Casting Eric Johnson as Flash and Gina Holden as Dale, the new show is a contemporary retelling of the original Flash Gordon comic-strip series created by Alex Raymond.

The first Flash Gordon television series began in 1954 and starred Steve Holland. In addition to many animated features, Flash Gordon also has a long movie career. In the 1930's three serials starring Buster Crabbe were released. In 1980 Flash Gordon the movie, acclaimed for its ornate costumes and designs, featured Max Von Sydow and Timothy Dalton with the soundtrack provided by Queen.

Flash Gordon has been an icon of American science fiction through strips, pulps, comics, films and television since Don Moore and Alex Raymond created him for a King Features newspaper Sunday strip in January of 1934, following the huge popularity of Buck Rogers.

But Flash had what Buck lacked: the beautiful pencil line art of Alex Raymond, whose work has influenced generations of comics artists. His photo-realistic style, his use of inks that defined each panel, combined with his art deco settings and cinematic pacing, set the bar high for action-adventure strips.

Raymond stayed with the strip until 1944, when he joined the Marines during World War II. He worked on the strips Jungle Jim (concurrently with Flash Gordon), Secret Agent X-9 (written by the great Dashiell Hammett) and his last, Rip Kirby, for which he received a Reuben Award from the National Cartoonists Society in 1949. Sadly, Raymond was killed in an automobile accident in 1956.

Checker Book Publishing Group is proud to present the entire run of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon Sunday strips. These books are presented in full color, bound in oversized hardcover editions, featuring the very first appearance of Flash Gordon and the incredible talent that created a science fiction staple of American culture.

Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon

All volumes are in a 9" x 12" landscape format

Each volume is $19.95.

Volume 1, reprinting strips from 1934-35

ISBN-13: 978-0-974166-43-8

ISBN-10: 0-9741664-3-X

100 pages

Volume 2, reprinting strips from 1935-36

ISBN-13: 978-0-974166-46-9

ISBN-10: 0-9741664-6-4

100 pages

Volume 3, reprinting strips from 1936-38

ISBN: 1-933160-25-X

100 pages

Volume 4, reprinting strips from 1938-40

ISBN: 1-933160-26-8

100 pages

Volume 5, reprinting strips from 1940-41


80 pages

Volume 6, reprinting strips from 1941-43

ISBN; 1-933160-28-4

100 pages

Volume 7, reprinting strips from 1943-45

ISBN: 1-933160-20-9

100 pages

The Checker Book Publishing Group, in Dayton, Ohio, is committed to publishing dormant, unpublished, and under-published serial comics and cartooning in affordable editions.

For more information on these and other great books, visitwww.checkerbpg.com.

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