Flash Gordon #1

Story by
Art by
Paul Green
Cover by
Ardden Entertainment

Ardden Entertainment launches its brand new ongoing FLASH GORDON series in August and as a special sneak peek at the new series, the fledgling publishing company has provided a six page preview of the debut issue.

It's been over 13 years since Flash graced the pages of comic books and this contemporized version of the classic iconic sci-fi hero, written for the 21st century, already has comic fans in a frenzy.

As a sample of things to come, Ardden released a special issue zero at the New York Comic-Con in April, selling 3250 copies in a day and a half. The issue zero featured an exclusive Ming the "Merciful" and Prince Barin story - and gained many great reviews from fans, retailers and web-based forums.

Writer and co-publisher Brendan Deneen, previously a production & development executive for The Weinstein Company & Dimension Films, and now a literary agent based in New York City, gives an insight to what this new series will offer fans of Flash Gordon and newcomers to the world of Mongo.

"While remaining true to the spirit of Alex Raymond's incredible creations, I'm looking to craft a story and world where our unsuspecting heroes come face-to-face with unimaginable threats and breathtaking landscapes (aided in no small part by Paul Green's amazing artwork). At the same time, the civil war on Mongo, and Ming's certainty that he is doing what's right for the 'insurgents' battling him, will ring true to anyone who's been paying attention to world events over the last five or so years."

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