Flash's New, Mysterious Villain Might Be From Pre-Flashpoint Continuity

There always seems to be some secret villain ruining the lives of the Flash and his family of speedsters. In recent years, it has been the Reverse Flash, Zoom or Godspeed using the Speed Force for evil. Now, a new villain has emerged in the wake of "Flash War," and he seems to have a plan for the Flash family.

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Though the identity of this threat has yet to be revealed, we caught another look at him at the end of The Flash Annual #2. What does he have planned? Where will we see him next? It's hard to come up with answers yet. However, the one thing we can discuss is this mystery villain's identity. While we don't know for sure yet, there's enough evidence to make a few educated guesses.

A Plan Has Gone into Action

At the end of last year's "Flash War" story, it was revealed that some powerful new villain had escaped from containment in the 25th Century. We never got a good glimpse of him, but when you're locked away behind a door that reads "Crisis," it's clear that something big is on its way. This mysterious character has now resurfaced, and he has a plan in place.

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Now, in the current day, he has employed Godspeed to help him take down the Flashes. He has August hunt down the Earth's speedsters -- Barry, Wallace, Meena and Avery -- and take a sample of their Speed Force signatures. While we don't know exactly what the plan is at this point, we do know that he might have a valid argument.

The villain's beef with the Flashes is their continued practice of messing with the timeline and, more specifically, changing continuity. References are made to Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis and "Flash War," which all ended with the Flash making major changes to the DC Universe. While there's likely some other villainous motive behind his actions, so far this character may be onto something.

What We Know So Far

At this point in the story, we don't know much about this mysterious character. In his first appearance, his stature and relationship to a potential Crisis may have brought up comparisons to the Anti-Monitor or someone of equal stature. However, in this new appearance, we see a whole lot more and can say a little bit about who this person might be.

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First and foremost, he seems to have some connection to the Speed Force. While he doesn't show himself to be a speedster directly, he does have the ability to open the Speed Force for Godspeed to travel back and forth. He also crackles with energy that seems to indicate he is imbued with the same powers as other speedsters.

Another interesting feature is his costume, which is mainly a black bodysuit with neon blue piping and energy accents on the shoulders and legs. If we're going by his color scheme, and a few clues throughout the issue, we can start to guess as to the identity of this unknown villain.

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