Wally West Just Took Down the Entire Justice League

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Flash Forward #3, by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Luis Guerrero and ALW's Troy Peteri, on sale now.

As Wally West continues to run across the DC Multiverse to stave off the spread of the Dark Multiverse's incursion, he finds himself alone and facing off against a twisted version of the Justice League in the latest issue of Flash Forward. However, despite being outnumbered and trapped in a nightmarish world, the Scarlet Speedster manages to hold his own against his sinister counterparts as he continues his mission of multiversal redemption following his role in Heroes in Crisis.

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Recruited by the omnipotent being Tempus Fuginaut, Wally's next assignment to drive back the Dark Multiverse's insidious reach takes him to Earth-43, an alternate world shrouded in perpetual twilight. Wally quickly learns that this universe is the setting of the iconic Elseworlds story, Batman: Red Rain, which saw Bruce Wayne literally become a creature of the night in a desperate bid to defeat Dracula when the vampire lord arrived in Gotham City. Wally saves hundreds of innocents from plunging into the streets of Gotham from a suspended cruise ship, narrowly escaping the teeming hordes of vampires that have since overtaken Bruce's hometown as an extension of his new sinister nature.

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Wally learns that the cruise ship was hijacked by this world's Vampire Superman, who had seized the ocean liner to feed the masses in a twisted version of the Man of Steel looking out for the public. Cornered and alone, Wally launches a desperate attack against the vampiric Kryptonian, surprised at his own speed and power against the iconic superhero. Recalling that Tempus had claimed his speed was significantly boosted after he was restored to the DC Universe at the start of DC Rebirth, making him was once again the Fastest Man Alive, Wally incapacitates Superman with a flurry of punches and quickly maneuvers wooden stakes around him that would impale and destroy him should he attempt to move.

Wally's victory is short-lived, however, when the vampire incarnation of his old mentor and friend, Barry Allen strikes, overpowering the younger speedster and preparing to make him one of the undead. In the nick of time, the vampiric Barry is destroyed in a hail of wooden arrows from Earth-43's Roy Harper, one of Wally's friends back on his world that he accidentally killed during Heroes in Crisis. Wally has no time be haunted by the sudden appearance of an alternate Roy, however, as the two set out to destroy the vampire that transformed the rest of the Justice League: Batman himself.

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Infiltrating the Batcave, Wally learns that not only is the vampire's lair the location of the Dark Multiverse's energy on Earth-43, but it's been hoarded by the Dark Knight as a new source of power for his vampiric thirst. In the ensuing battle, Roy is mortally wounded but Wally manages to use his vibrational speeds to phase Batman into a nuclear reactor powering the Batcave, leaving the vampire in burning agony as he uses Tempus' device to purge Earth-43 of Dark Multiverse energy and continue his quest.

Flash Forward 3

Having recently defeated the DC Multiverse's Avengers and X-Men analogues, Wally West has now taken down three key members of a vampiric Justice League in his travels, all thanks to his augmented abilities since being recruited by Tempus Fuginaut. Faster and stronger than he has ever been before, Wally's brief visit to Earth-43 gave him a chance to make peace with his role in Roy Harper's death, with the alternate Arsenal urging him to forgive himself with his dying breath. And, as Wally's quest continues, this may be the bit of encouragement he needs to accept his own redemption.

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