Flash Forward Introduces a Very Different Roy Harper to the DC Universe

DC's solicitation for Flash Forward #3 reveals Wally West will meet a version of Roy Harper/Red Arrow that's much different than the one he knew on his Earth.

As revealed in DC's solicitations for NovemberFlash Forward #3 will see Wally meeting up with the Roy Harper of Earth-43, where the archer is a vampire hunter. The series serves as something of a redemption arc for the speedster following the events of Heroes in Crisis, in which he was responsible for several high-profile deaths. Roy was among those who died as a result of Wally's actions.

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  • written by SCOTT LOBDELL
  • cover by EVAN “DOC” SHANER
  • variant cover by INHYUK LEE
  • The rift between the Multiverse and Dark Multiverse is growing wider, and evil dark energy is threatening all the planets in its path! It’s up to Wally West to journey to these worlds and purge them of this darkness, but the greater darkness is that from within. The destruction has now found its way to Earth-43, where Roy Harper is the world’s premier vampire hunter, and Wally’s only hope of surviving...
  • ON SALE 11.20.19
  • $3.99 US |3 OF 6 |32 PAGES
  • FC|DC

Flash Forward #1 releases September 18 from DC Comics.

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