FLASH FORWARD: Five Threats We Want to See on "The Flash" Season 2

The first season of "The Flash" found success on The CW in large part thanks to its enthusiastic gathering of villains who posed a serious threat to Barry Allen and the residents of Central City. The hero's classic Rogues took shape with the introduction of Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Golden Glider, The Trickster, Pied Piper, Weather Wizard and Captain Boomerang (who actually debuted on "Arrow"); not to mention Gorilla Grodd and season-long villain the Reverse Flash. With "The Flash" racing toward its second season, and so many villainous possibilities yet to explore, it's time to pull an Eobard Thawne and look to the future.

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Barry Allen (Grant Gustin raced against time to stop a criminal genius, a futuristic speedster, murderous brutes and even a super gorilla, but there's plenty more where that came from -- namely, the DC Comics source material -- to test the Flash's heroic acumen. Read on to see which villains we think have the evil acumen to set the Fastest Man Alive racing in circles in Season 2.

Mirror Master

It's hard to imagine a complete team of Rogues without Sam Scudder (or Evan McCulloch, the version introduced in the late '80s). Mirror Master's powers run the gamut from interdimensional travel to the ability to imprison people in glass, and even hypnosis. Scudder's mirror-based powers would look great on TV and could potentially launch Team Flash on adventures through multiple dimensions while providing Len Snart a very powerful ally in his ongoing battle with The Flash. It's easy to imagine what the show's FX team could do if tasked with the challenge of bringing some of Carmine Infantino's trippy covers to life on television, and we can't wait to see them reflect fantasy in live-action.

Abra Kadabra

They say a great magician never reveals his tricks, but perhaps an evil magician will reveal a season's worth of chaos for Barry Allen if Abra Kadabra waves his wand in the second season of "The Flash." Season One had a series sci-fi bent that's likely to continue with Rip Hunter in "Legends of Tomorrow," so perhaps Season Two will go a more fantastic route and follow the time-traveling threat of Eobard Thawne with the menace of Abra Kadabra. In the comics, the long-running villain uses futuristic technology to commit crimes that seem magical in the modern era. This Machiavellian magician threatens the present with plenty of visual flair in order to feed his ego and test his brilliance against the Flash, resulting in a threat that could push Barry Allen even further than Season One.

Double Down

With his gimmicky card powers and constant gambling puns, it would be easy to write off Double Down as a classic Silver Age villain, but this Rogue was actually introduced in 2001, co-created by "The Flash" executive producer and long-time "Flash" comics writer Geoff Johns. The writer has made no secret of his desire to revisit Double Down at some point, and live-action could be the perfect avenue to give this murderous man of chance a second life. Double Down was once immoral gambler and con man Jeremy Tell who was bonded with a cursed deck of playing cards after he murdered the cards' owner. With a little tweaking, Tell could be another metahuman somehow given chance-based powers as a result of the particle accelerator mishap that also gave Barry his powers. While there's been no indication that Double Down will arrive next season, the character could very well offer Barry a different kind of challenge.

The Top

Other than Mirror Master, the Top is another classic Rogue the show has yet to introduce. Don't let the fact that Roscoe Dillon is named after an anachronistic child's toy fool you, the Top is one of the Scarlet Speedster's deadliest foes (and after all, the show has already introduced Rainbow Raider, so there doesn't seem to be much they're shying away from). Dillon's powers could translate well to television as he has the ability to spin at great speeds, presenting another super speed threat to test the Flash's mettle. Dillon's ability to think at amazing speeds essentially give him psychic powers which makes him a serious double threat. Should Roscoe Dillon spin his way into Season 2, his romantic history with Captain Cold's sister, the Golden Glider, could also ruffle feathers and add some drama into the Rogues' inner circle.


Also created by Geoff Johns, Hunter Zolomon was the second villain to don the yellow costume of the Reverse Flash. Zolomon was an embittered ex-FBI agent who worked for the Keystone City police department as a profiler. When he was severely injured by Gorilla Grodd, Zolomon begged Wally West to go back in time and prevent the injury. When West refused, Zolomon began the long road in becoming Zoom, the modern day Reverse Flash. Zolomon is similar to Eddie Thawne in many ways; they are both embittered but skilled detectives who believe they have been wronged by a Flash. Season 2 could bring a different type of Reverse Flash to The CW hit.

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