FLASH FORWARD: Five Heroes We Want to See on "The Flash" Season 2

One of the most compelling aspects of "The Flash's" debut season was Barry Allen's team of staunch allies. Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Joe West, Eddie Thawne and Iris West all played a key role in making the world of The CW's second superhero series genuinely fresh and exciting. Each character added their expertise to help Barry Allen safeguard Central City and became essential characters in the fast-moving drama's developing saga.

FLASH FORWARD: Five Threats We Want to See on "The Flash" Season 2

But the members of Team Flash are from the only allies and friends who could play key roles in Season Two. From the start of the Silver Age, Barry Allen has always enjoyed plenty of associates who have helped him fight the good fight against his Rogues and other evil doers. Based on hints dropped in interviews with the writers and producers of "The Flash" and our own informed speculation, here are some allies pulled from DC Comics lore that would make awesome additions to the ever expanding world of DC TV that could make the Fastest Man Alive's second season even bigger than the first.

Wally West

He's been mentioned, hinted at and teased in interviews with the powers that be behind "The Flash," all of which bodes very well for the future inclusion of Wally West on the series. For many, the once Kid Flash is just as important (if not more so) to the Flash mythos as Barry Allen himself. Wally is the nephew of Iris West, so the show would not have to take a giant leap in bringing Wally to Central City where lightning may strike twice and create another great speedster. Plus, Linda Park was introduced this season, and where Linda goes could her comic book soul mate Wally West be far behind?

Jay Garrick

If you listened carefully, you probably heard it during the season finale. That was the sound of pure joy when Jay Garrick's helmet came bouncing out of the wormhole. If Garrick does indeed show up on "The Flash" next season, that could be nothing less than a game changer. Grant Gustin recently teased that Season Two could begin to explore the DC Multiverse. One jaunt on the cosmic treadmill and TV's Barry Allen could meet up with original Flash Jay Garrick just as his comic book counterpart did in the Silver Age. The introduction of Garrick could also serve as the TV introduction to Earth 2 and the Multiverse. With that dire warning of a future Crisis looming, the arrival of the Golden Age Flash could mean huge things for the televised DCU and its continued expansion.

Ralph & Sue Dibny

Historically, one of Barry Allen's best friends has been Ralph Dibny, the stretchable sleuth known as the Elongated Man who could be a great asset to Joe West and the Central City Police Department. Ralph and his wife Sue have long been two of the greatest detectives in the DCU and their presence on TV could show the world how awesome this crime solving duo truly is. Early in Season One, Ralph Dibny was name dropped as part of a list of those affected by the particle accelerator accident and Season Two could be the perfect time to make good on this tease by having Ralph and his partner in crime-busting arrive on the scene as the newest members of Team Flash. Alongside Caitlin Snow, Felicity Smoak and Iris West, Sue Dibny could be another brilliant woman to help keep the world safe. Heck, we would watch the heck out of a "Thin Man"-like police procedural starring a stretchable detective and his sleuthing wife.

Booster Gold

With Rip Hunter on the way in "Legends of Tomorrow" and Eobard Thawne already established as a chronal threat, it looks like the DCU time stream could be a very crowded place -- but there's always room for one more. "The Flash" Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has already tried to launch Booster Gold into his own series on SyFy and has publicly declared his adoration for the character. DC's Chief Creative Officer and longtime "Flash" comic book writer (and fellow "The Flash" producer) Geoff Johns feels the same, so there's a clear sense of creator loyalty to this time traveling hero. Booster could fit in perfectly to the world of "The Flash" with his ability to mix zany humor with classic adventure to create a modern day time traveler. Plus, a live-action version of his robotic companion Skeets would just be beyond awesome.

Jesse Quick

So far, the only other speedster fans have met on "The Flash" has been the evil Reverse Flash, but adding Jesse Quick to the growing list of Barry's friends could add a different perspective to the high speed world of "The Flash." Introducing the legacy of the Golden Age great Johnny Quick -- especially if it's in addition to Jay Garrick -- would give fans a sense of the Speed Force's history, one carried on by Johnny's heroic daughter. Jesse Quick could allow "The Flash" to further explore the complexities of the Speed Force, and adding a female speedster in mix would offer a different heroic perspective.

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