The Flash: DC's Fastest Speedsters, Officially Ranked

The Flash has introduced a number of speedsters over the years, and other non-related speedsters have popped up in the DC Universe. Even though most of them are usually other heroes, this has naturally  inspired ongoing debates and discussions among fans over which character is the fastest. The debate has been commented on a few times by DC comics in the comics themselves, most recently in the built-up to the "Flash War" storyline.

While DC's speedsters seem to gain and lose their speed on an unusually regular basis, we're taking a look at who the fastest speedsters in the comic book DC Universe generally are. We'll also be taking a look at some of the feats that got them to the finish line.

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One of the Flash's worst enemies, Hunter Zolomon or Zoom, doesn't always get credit for his speed due to the fact that he actually uses a form of time manipulation known as chronokinesis, which means he is able to alter the timeline around him.

His powers make it appear that he is running as fast (or sometimes faster) than the Flash when really he is time-traveling as he runs. He is also able to do entirely different and dangerous things with his abilities, like creating building-destroying sonic booms with a snap of his fingers or turning other speedsters into statues by reducing the speed of their timeline, and he just recently got a massive power upgrade after absorbing several of the Speed Force's complimentary forces.


For years there was a well-established rivalry between Superman and the Flash that was exhibited over a series of races between the two heroes, though Barry once revealed that all of those races had been for charity and Superman had never stood a chance. Wally has also stated that Superman can move at over 2000 miles a second when running.

The Man of Steelhas reached faster than light travel a few times flying, but his most impressive feats while running were catching a mind-controlled Flash or simulating invisibility by vibrating his body at a specific frequency for an extended period of time, which might showcase his superhuman endurance levels in comparison to some of DC's weaker Flashes. He also just won his most recent race with the Flash.


Eobard Thawne gave himself powers similar to Barry Allen's before creating his own Negative Speed Force that he used to become as fast, and sometimes faster than the Flash. Reverse-Flash also has other powers such as his ability to freely travel through time unlike Barry, who requires the use of his cosmic treadmill to control his movements in time.


Reverse-Flash has shown how this has effectively made him faster than Barry by moving himself faster through time than Barry was able to run. He's also able to move around Barry as if he was frozen like a statue, though he is often his own worst enemy when it comes to actual speed races with either of the current men to hold the title of the Flash.


Barry Allen Flash

Barry Allen was the second person to call himself the Flash and is one of the few heroes who could legitimately be called the Fastest Man Alive at one time or another. While his max speeds haven't really been clocked and only measured in relation to the other speedsters he is running with, he has shown a few impressive feats.

Barry once saved an entire city of almost half a million people from a nuclear bomb by evacuating the city as it exploded, and he also evacuated the city of Tokyo in 30 seconds prior to it being flooded. Of course, he also ran fast enough to save the DC Universe in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. These are just a few of the many hard-to-conceive speed feats Barry has accomplished both before and after he helped reset the DC Universe Flashpoint.


The current holder of the title of the Fastest Man Alive is Wally West, largely due to him being a conduit of the Speed Force while other speedsters are only able to tap into its energy. Like Barry, Wally's max speed is undetermined, but its far faster than the speed of light. Wally has also outrun Barry on multiple occasions.

Some of Wally's most impressive feats include escaping a black hole, running instantly across the universe, and evading Black Flash by running to the end of time where death no longer existed, and all of that occurred in the same storyline. Wally leaves photons standing still, and walks in and out of the Speed Force while other speedsters can remain trapped inside it forever, and is currently reaching new speeds across the Multiverse in the pages of Flash Forward, where he was also revealed to be the fastest being in the entire multiverse.

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