Flash Facts: "Flashpoint" Teasers Clarified

Yesterday, DC Comics' blog, The Source, revealed five teaser images that collectively shed some light on the upcoming "Flashpoint" event by writer Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert, while remaining ambiguous enough to keep fandom guessing at their true meanings. Today, The Source's spotlight shines not on new questions, rather clarifying the characters to which several of yesterday's reveals referred. However, as is often the case, when some mysteries are solved, new ones arise.

As Johns and The Source released their "Flashpoint" teasers throughout Thursday, each image offered a different answer to the question "Whatever Happened the World's Greatest Heroes?" The resulting ambiguous, one-line statements left many guessing as to which major DC hero each teaser referred to. Today, several answers have been clarified with the revelation of iconic superhero symbols underneath their corresponding statements.

The image shows that, as CBR surmised, "He spends his days running Wayne Casinos" refers to Batman. However, the other revelations come with a bit of a twist. The "Where is his ring?" teaser refers to the Flash and not Green Lantern, again as CBR suggested might be the case. The one that might come as the most surprising to fans is the "Their marriage was arranged to prevent war" statement, which is now accompanied by a redesigned Wonder Woman symbol and Aquaman's symbol.

Two of yesterday's teasers remain cloaked in mystery, so keep in to CBR News for more on this story and on "Flashpoint" as it breaks.

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