The Flash: Elongated Man Provides Another Clue in Thinker Mystery

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Elongated Journey Into the Night," the latest episode of The Flash.

Thanks to Ralph "Elongated Man" Dibny, Barry Allen knows who is behind the busload of new metahumans: DeVoe. In "Elongated Journey Into the Night," the latest episode of The Flash, Barry was able to connect the dots between all of the events that have happened since he was released from the Speed Force.

Over the course of the episode, Barry got reacquainted with his former co-worker Ralph Dibney because of his connection to the metahuman bus incident. Though he was reticent at first, Dibney soon revealed that he had been affected when he was dangled over the side of a building by two goons, resulting in his legs stretching down to the alley below. Barry and Joe were forced to take Ralph back to STAR Labs so that they could fix him.

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Barry soon became entangled in Ralph's extortion plot against the mayor. As it turns out, Ralph had uncovered photos of the mayor having an extramarital affair. When he discovered this, he called the mayor and threatened to release them, unless the mayor payed him $200,000 to keep quiet.

Of course, this didn't go according to Ralph's plan. The mayor took things into his own hands and tried to shoot Ralph in the face during a meeting in a dark alley. Because of Ralph's powers, the bullet bounced right off, stunning the mayor. Barry showed up just in time to see this happen, but not quickly enough to stop the mayor from kidnapping Joe. Barry had to reveal himself to Ralph to convince him to help save Joe, and the two came to a begrudging truce.

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As the episode drew to a close, Barry asked Ralph how he had found out about the mayor's affair. Ralph admitted that he had gotten the tip from a source he never met in person. However, the tipster had given his name: DeVoe. Barry immediately flashed back to his fights against Savitar and Abra Kadabra, who both listed DeVoe as one of Barry's greatest foes. Through Ralph's revelation, he was able to connect the dots and realize he might be facing DeVoe's machinations at long last.

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