The Flash Drafts Captain Cold to A New Super Team

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Flash #38 by Joshua Williamson and Scott Kolins, in stores now.

The rivalry between the Flash and Captain Cold is one of the DC Universe's longest and most complex adversarial relationships. The two characters have been enemies ever since they first faced off in 1957, and yet, they've also managed to develop a relationship of mutual respect towards one another -- something that is somewhat rare in hero/villain duos. From one encounter to the next, Barry and Snart would go from punching each other to reluctantly working together, a topsy-turvy bond that has made their antagonistic relationship fascinating to watch unfold.

Now, however, it seems like Captain Cold is trading the comfort zone that is Central City for a place that is much harsher. What's more, this new direction for the character could very well lead to his death.

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In The Flash #38, Barry Allen donned his scarlet suit to battle Captain Cold and the rest of the Rogues once more. After facing off against his personal demons, Barry went back to basics in a classic story that pitted speedster versus rogue. Ultimately, The Flash defeated the Rogues and stopped Captain Cold, but it was Barry Allen who truly defeated his longtime nemesis.

Thanks to his work as a forensics scientist, Barry was able to determine that Captain Cold had murdered fellow Rogue member Turbine. This, in turn, led the Central City Police Department to determine that Cold would need to be locked up in a place that is more suited to watch over him. Much to his surprise, Leonard Snart would be transferred away from Central City's Iron Heights prison... and directly to Amanda Waller's Belle Reve Penitentiary.

While we only see Captain Cold head towards this new destination for two short panels, the potential ramifications are clear. Waller is personally there to greet her new prisoner, indicating that she has plans for her new inmate, most likely as the newest member of Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad comic book has featured a somewhat steady roster all throughout its Rebirth incarnation, so the team is bound for a bit of a shake-up. Snart's arrival could spark a whole new dynamic for the dysfunctional team of supervillains trying to be heroes, and he would single-handedly upset the hierarchy established on the team. No doubt his personality would clash with the likes of Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. Is there even room for another "Captain-Something" on the team? We're certain these two would have an interesting discussion about the subject, perhaps while reminiscing over their days in Central City together.

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The advance solicits of Suicide Squad have not shown any new members joining the team, but Cold's addition to the cast of the book could have been kept as a secret. Perhaps once the title concludes its current story arc, Cold will enlist for a bit of reluctant superhero work.

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