Ranked: 10 Alternate Versions Of The Flash (That Aren’t Barry Allen Or Wally West)

The Flash is easily one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The Scarlet Speedster has been running through our favorite comics for 80 years now, and like any good comic character, there’s a multiverse of characters waiting to be discovered. Here we get to take a look at the best alternate versions of The Flash that aren’t simple variations from the ones we know and love.

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Jay, Barry, Wally, and Bart are amazing and all, but its time to shine a spotlight on the other men and women who have strapped on the yellow boots and sped towards a better world.

Red Racer

Red Racer is the speedster of Earth 36, first introduced in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity. He is a member of the Justice 9, a superhero group led by the late Optiman and is obviously based on the Justice League. He is a huge comic book fan, even asking President Superman to sign one of his comics. He and his teammate/boyfriend Flashlight joined the other Multiverse heroes in the House of Heroes. Ray sacrificed himself by building a new vessel for the other heroes in minutes that normally would’ve taken thousands of years. His last words to Superman were “Speedsters never think about the cost.”

Thondor Allen

Thondor Allen is a member of the Allen dynasty that carried on The Flash name throughout the years. First appearing in the comic arc Chain Lightning, he is recruited by Bart Allen to join The Flash Family against Cobalt Blue. Thondor is a Juptier colonist, part of the fifth generation of his family to live on the large planet. You weigh about 2.5 times your normal weight on Jupiter, so Thondor is obese, especially by Flash standards. He is still able to move at great speeds, though probably not as fast as he would be able to had he grown up on Earth.

Ivana Molotova

This female speedster has taken on many names throughout her years as a Wally West side character. Ivana was a member of the speedster trio Blue Trinity, who after fighting The Flash became allies with him. She took on the name Lady Flash, but was kidnapped and sold to Vandal Savage, who experimented with Velocity 9 on her. She became Lady Savage, escaped and served Kobra, and then was the High Priestess of Savitar before she was accidentally killed by an infected Barry Allen in Flash Rebirth. In Doomsday Clock, she is the speedster of Russia’s superhero team, People’s Heroes.


Definitely the oddest speedster on our list, Timmy Joe Terrapin was once an ordinary turtle hailing from Earth-C. While trying to catch a bus to Kornsas City, he was struck by a meteorite that granted him “superchelonian” speed. He is a member of Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew.

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His uncle is another superhero known as the Terrific Whatzit. Fastback recently made appearances in Convergence Flash and in the recent Flash arc Force Quest. His appearance in the House of Heroes when Barry calls a meeting of the Multiverse’s Flashes confirms he is Earth-C’s official speedster.

Tangent Flash

The elite fashion model and actress Lia Nelson developed superhuman speed and control through an unrevealed case in the alternate reality known as Earth-9. She took on the Flash alias after learning to control her abilities, despite not technically being a speedster. She has the ability to control the light she is made of. Next to The Atom or Superman, is the second most known individual on the planet. She has issues deciding whether she wants to be a superhero or a celebrity, as she has been famous since she was a child. She eventually joined the superhero team The Secret Six.

Legends of the Dead Earth

Legends of the Dead Earth was a grim crossover event spanning across the annuals of DC titles in 1996. On a frozen Earth, Martian Manhunter passes down the legacy of The Flash through worshippers. The Mallory family passes down the powers of The Flash through their eldest children. The speed force provides “the light” to the inhabitants of the Earth which sustains them. Bryan has a brother, Tristan, who became obsessed with gaining the power of the light from his father. He killed his father, but when lightning struck the two brothers, Tristan was aged and Bryan gained the powers of the Speed Force.

Just Imagine….The Flash

Stan Lee writing for DC may seem like an alternate reality in itself, but the famed comic scribe actually rewrote origins for some of DC’s most iconic characters. One of these was Mary Maxwell, his version of The Flash. Mary was the daughter of a famous scientist who was attacked by a secret spy group at their home. He injected Mary with hummingbird DNA, which granted her the ability of superspeed. She made a vow to fight the men who attacked her father, and took on the moniker of The Flash.

Flash Beyond

Batman Beyond is a fan favorite cartoon of DC fans, and the techno future of Terry McGinnis is not limited to Gotham City. Danica Williams is the Flash of the 2040s. She works at the Flash Museum in Central City and has a connection with the Speed Force that grants her the same powers as Flash. Her connection to the speed force also allows her to communicate with every past version of The Flash. While fighting a villain named Mindslide, Jay, Wally, and Bart gave her the combined powers of the past speedsters to defeat the villain. She also raced Superman, continuing the tradition.

Sela Allen

Sela Allen is obviously a descendant of Barry, but had no powers. Sela’s father was The Flash and she was paralyzed by Cobalt Blue. When her father saved Sela, he took her to the edge of the Speed Force in an attempt to heal her, to no avail. When her father was killed by Cobalt Blue months later, Sela emerged as a physical form of the speed force. While her real body is technically still in the speed force, her conscious state exists as a manifestation projecting itself. She is mainly immaterial but has all the powers of the other members of The Flash family.

John Fox

The original Future Flash, John Fox worked as a historian at the the 27th century. After a villain attacked his academy, he was sent back in time to recruit the aid of The Flashes. The time machine didn’t work, but the tachyons from the trip gave him superspeed. After Wally was displaced in time following the fight of Savitar, John took on the identity of The Flash. He served as Keystone’s protector until Wally returned. He became a fugitive in his own century, hunted down by speedster robots called Speed Metal, and currently serves as The Flash of the 853rd century, teamed up with the other DC One Million characters.

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