The First Two Pages of Flash #48 Are Absolutely Devastating

After months and months of buildup, “Flash War” -- the epic showdown between Barry Allen and Wally West – is finally underway in the pages of The Flash.

For quite some time, readers have pondered what could possibly drive a wedge between the two Flashes, who had a heartfelt reunion just two years ago in the DC Universe Rebirth Special when Wally was pulled out of the Speed Force by Barry. Then, in The Flash #47, the popular theory that Barry causing DC’s various other speedsters – including Wally’s children Irey and Jai – to vanish after Flashpoint would be at the heart of the conflict seemed to finally pan out, as we learned they too were trapped in the Speed Force.

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This revelation certainly came as a surprise for Wally, whose memories of his pre-Flashpoint existence only recently began flooding back into his mind in the form of temporal seizures. However, while seeing Wally come to the harsh realization that his children had not only been wiped from his memory, but also from existence, was a tough pill to swallow, it pales in comparison to what’s in store in the opening pages of The Flash #48.

In DC’s preview for part two of “Flash War,” we’re transported to the aptly titled “times forgotten,” where Wally prepares for a footrace against Irey and Jai in an attempt to jumpstart their connection to the Speed Force, as the children aren’t quite acclimated to their new powers yet.

The three speedsters take their marks at the racetrack and Wally prepares to fire off the proverbial starting gun.

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Ready?” he says. “Get set…

However, before he can say “Go,” we’re whisked back to the present-day, right where we left off in Issue #47 – with Wally staring hopelessly at the glass display cases housing Irey and Jai’s superhero costumes on mannequins.

It’s a tear-jerking moment, to say the least, but if these two pages alone can stir up this much heartache in us as readers, then what sort of emotional rollercoaster is it likely to send Wally on? And better yet, what will he be willing to do to reclaim the life he's just realized was taken from him?

The Flash #48, by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi and Steve Wands, goes on sale June 13 from DC Comics.

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