"Flare Aventures" Set to Go to 52-Page Format

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Beginning with issue #19, tentatively scheduled for a February 2007 release, Heroic Publishing's quarterly FLARE ADVENTURES title will be super-sizing to a 52-page format! The price point hasn't yet been set, but each issue of Flare Adventures will feature no less than 44 pages of full-color story material, including classic tales of comics' glittering goddess of the light, plus new adventures starring COMMANDER FANTASTIC AND THE ALL-GIRL HERO LEAGUE, Santa's little elfin granddaughter CHRISSIE CLAUS, RAVEN GOLD AND THE FLYING RAVENS, NAOMI BATTLE SQUIRREL, and maybe even a BLACK ENCHANTRESS tale or two.

FLARE's classic adventures in Olympus will continue through issue #21. These stories, by Dennis Mallonee and Mark Propst, were originally printed in black and white, and are being presented in Flare Adventures for the first time in color, with new cover illustrations by Frank Brunner. Thereafter, look for full-color reprints of several more classic Flare adventures, including some of her earliest encounters with the Gladiatrix and the savage Tigress, with a very strong possibility that new pages of Flare material will occasionally be slipped in.

COMMANDER FANTASTIC AND THE ALL-GIRL HERO LEAGUE, is by Dennis Mallonee and Ruben Montecinos. The girls are MIST MAIDEN, DYNAMO GIRL, FUNNY BUNNY, CELLULAR GIRL, and the SONGSTRESS. They're the teenaged daughters of their world's greatest heroes. Their parents have gone missing. Now it's up to them to find out what happened, and why. But they've never been trained to take up the mantle of the legendary Hero League. That's where Commander Fantastic comes in. This series recently made its debut in a brief six-page prologue in Flare Adventures #17. Beginning in 2007, Flare Adventures will feature the first in a series of twelve-page chapters that could lead to the debut of the ALL-GIRL HERO LEAGUE in their own magazine.

THE ADVENTURES OF CHRISSIE CLAUS becomes a regular part of Flare Adventures beginning this Christmas in issue #18, with a story by Wilson Hill, artwork by Rob Jones and Dick Giordano. More Chrissie adventures will follow throughout the year, leading into a very special event, just in time for Christmas 2007. As longtime fans of the Heroic Publishing titles already know, Chrissie is Santa's precocious little elfin granddaughter. She can be a little bit naughty, but she's mostly very nice. And she starred in two issues of her very own comic book long before a certain Jingle-come-lately was even a glimmer in her talented creator's eye. With Hollywood now working on a Chrissie Claus movie, it only makes sense to give Chrissie a place to hang her long red hat during the rest of the year while she gets ready for her big three-part Holiday special!

RAVEN GOLD made her debut last year in the fourth issue of Heroic's new Flare series. She's not only the world's greatest little sneak thief (just ask her), she's the leader of the FLYING RAVENS, a band of talented girl adventurers who travel around the world ignoring laws, righting wrongs, and doing good deeds. The two-part origin of Raven Gold is set to appear in Flare Adventures #20 and #21, with story by Wilson Hill, artwork by J. Adam Walters and Daniel Lauer. Then, in Flare Adventures #22, you'll finally get to meet the Flying Ravens when Mike W. Barr takes over the writing chores, working with J. Adam Walters to bring you a three-part adventure meant to set the stage for an ongoing series!

NAOMI BATTLE SQUIRREL will make her debut in an all-new FLARE adventure in Flare Adventures #18, then spin off into her own series in issue #19. Over the course of five issues of Flare Adventures, writer/creator Jim Gettman and artist Howard Simpson will tell the tale of how Naomi Battle Squirrel came to be not only the guardian of the world ash, but easily the most accomplished swordswoman in Godheim.

In addition to these four regular series, the super-sized Flare Adventures will also feature an occasional surprise. BLACK ENCHANTRESS and ICICLE stories are among the strong possibilities. And there are many other Heroic Publishing characters who could pop up from time to time.

Heroic has also indicated that if the quarterly super-sized Flare Adventures gets a positive response from fans and retailers it will quickly shift to a bimonthly schedule, and be joined in the summer of 2007 by three more bimonthly 52-page magazines. Revivals of Tales of the Champions and WitchGirls Inc. are in the works. And something huge is taking shape under the working title: Liberty Comics.

What will Liberty Comics be?

You'll just have to wait and see.

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