Flame Con Adopts New Cosplay Weapons Policy in Wake of Orlando Tragedy

Flame Con, the entertainment expo for and about all corners of LGBTQ geek fandom, has instituted a new cosplay weapons policy in the wake of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando.

According to this new policy, Flame Con will not allow the following items:

  • Any weapon of any kind -- bladed or projectile -- that looks or feels real.
  • Any kind of gun or simulacrum of a firearm, no matter how fake it looks.
  • Any prop that is heavy, hard, or sharp enough to injure a person (Err on the side of caution).

"As a show of solidarity with victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, their families, and anyone else affected by homophobic gun violence, Flame Con is asking you to leave your toy guns at home," the convention organizers announced in a press release. "Because guns are not toys. Guns are not accessories that can be flaunted in public without inherently making light of their intended use -- while simultaneously making many people deeply uncomfortable."

In addition to this new cosplay weapons policy, Flame Con will also "bolster... security, and will be working with local law enforcement to ensure that even outside of the con, there will be people looking out for us."

Flame Con takes place at the Marriot, Brooklyn Bridge in New York City on August 20 and 21.

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