Five Weapons #9

Story by
Art by
Jimmie Robinson
Colors by
Paul Little
Letters by
Jimmie Robinson
Cover by
Image Comics

One of the things I like about Jimmie Robinson's "Five Weapons" is that it's dependable. You almost take for granted that every issue is going to have some of the same elements: clues from previous issues revealed to the reader in a different light, likable characters, and a nice twist around the corner. And sure enough, "Five Weapons" #9 doesn't disappoint, as we are given a reveal on the new storyline's main villain and head towards a showdown.

What's nice about "Five Weapons" #9 is that it both shows us in full detail the path that up until now we've seen bits and pieces of, but also gives us some new information that points to something even further down that road. It's a good reveal on Robinson's part; by now, you would have needed to be blind to miss Tyler's hand in everything that's happened within "Five Weapons" #6-8. But it would have been almost too simple and too pat to simply call it a day right there.

Instead, Robinson adds in a new element, something that will be a surprise but at the same time doesn't come across as arriving out of left field. That's very much appreciated; a good twist is one where the readers buy into its revelations. If the audience's response is, "Oh, please," then you've lost. Here, I think everyone will be nodding in agreement even as they process the new addition to the world of "Five Weapons." That happens in no small part thanks to the enjoyable nature of not only our protagonist Enrique, but the rest of the students within the school, too. They're a fun group of wanna-be assassins, and they're worthy of your time.

Robinson's art is likewise dependable, with its smooth character designs and solid page layouts. I like how he rewinds the action to show us key elements that we might have missed from earlier scenes, and the overall "wide screen" panel layouts work remarkably well. There's no flash here, but there doesn't need to be; Robinson is too smart an artist to add in elements that aren't necessary.

"Five Weapons" #9 is just the latest in a line of strong, good comics from Robinson. I was delighted when "Five Weapons" shifted from a mini-series to an ongoing, and this second storyline has given us proof that the book can support itself beyond the initial concept. Bring on the duel between the school and the rival club! I'll be there for the next installment, and beyond.

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