Five Villains for Fox's New 'Fantastic Four'

After years of development, Fox has finally revealed the identities of the next quartet of actors chosen to portray Marvel's first family on the big screen. In 2015's fresh start film, Miles Teller will play Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara will be the Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan will flame on as the Human Torch and Jamie Bell will become quite familiar with a MOCAP suit as he tackles the Thing. This youthful casting matches up with early reports that have singled out the Ultimate Fantastic Four series – which features young adult versions of the characters – as the source material.

Now that the four main characters are out of the way, all attention will now turn toward finding out exactly who they'll be going up against in this new franchise. Considering the four actors cast in the film, here are our guesses as to which bad guy will be striking fear into the Fantastic Four's hearts.

Female Doctor Doom

Rumors have persisted about the reboot series reimagining the Fantastic Four's most prominent foe, Doctor Doom, as a woman. With Michael B. Jordan's casting as Johnny Storm, it's apparent that this version of the Fantastic Four is up for taking some liberties with the source material. Considering how few female super villains have made their way into comic book movies, this could be a welcome change as well as another move toward diversifying the film.

Dreamy Doctor Doom

But if Doctor Doom remains a man, it's obvious from the four actors already cast that the good doctor will definitely medal in the Heartthrob Olympics. Just look at the dapper Brit they cast as the rough and gruff Benjamin Grimm, a role previously owned by non-teen sensation Michael Chiklis. Could this be Zac Efron's way into the fantastic film, which already stars his That Awkward Moment co-stars Teller and Jordan?


With longtime Fantastic Four fans scratching their heads over the casting, Fox might try to win back their interest by bringing a deep cut bad guy to the big screen for the first time. As the absolute ruler of the Negative Zone, the inclusion of a comic-accurate portrayal of the ruthless Annihilus could go a long way toward satisfying old school FF fans – as well as downright terrifying every newcomer in the theater. Because Annihilus is creepy.


The Skrulls most likely exist in the same gray area between Fox and Marvel Studios that also includes Quicksilver, meaning that the shape-shifting aliens could find their way into the film. As a tortured race of devoutly religious warmongers, the Skrulls would make for a compelling onscreen threat. And with their shape-shifting power set, their involvement could allow for the talented cast to show off their acting chops should any of the aliens assume their appearance.

Marvel Zombies

There still doesn't seem to be a cure for the zombie craze that's had a death grip on the entertainment world for the past half dozen years, and the Fantastic Four filmmakers might take that into consideration. It's clear from the casting that this film is going after a young audience, an audience that still rewards AMC's The Walking Dead with crazy ratings on a weekly basis. If Ultimate Fantastic Four really is the film's inspiration, then they might be drawing from that series' "Crossover" story arc, which introduced an alternate reality filled with zombified Marvel heroes. While Fox doesn't have the rights to the entire Marvel Universe, this might be a smart way for them to show off exactly which characters they have the rights to, thus kicking off speculation about which of Fox's heroes could get the non-zombie film treatment.

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