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Five More Female Superheroes Who Should Join Marvel’s “A-Force”

by  in Comic News Comment
Five More Female Superheroes Who Should Join Marvel’s “A-Force”

This May, a brand new, all-female Avengers book titled “A-Force” from “Ms. Marvel” scribe G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina arrives in stores. When the book was announced, Marvel revealed that book’s primary team would revolve around She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru and Singularity, a “cosmically powered” new superhero. At the same time, the comic giant teased that other heroes would be joining the team, a statement we took to heart — here are a few other kickass ladies who would fit right in with A-Force as we know it.

The Invisible Woman

With the “Fantastic Four” coming to an end this June, the First Lady of Marvel Comics has — for all that we know — an open schedule. With Marvel forging ahead with this all-female team, Sue Richards (nee Storm) is a perfect candidate. A-Force seems to have cherry picked its current members from across Marvel’s spectrum, including an Avenger, a mutant, an Inhuman, a Runaway and an all-new character; it’s only fitting that she represent her own faction of the Marvel Universe. As she’s proven in Jonathan Hickman’s current run of “Avengers,” Sue is more than capable of acting outside of the Fantastic Four’s family unit (even if it is a way to help her family by proxy). With her history and experience, the Invisible Woman would be a strong choice for the A-Force. What’s more, Sue has a long history with the Inhumans and She-Hulk, giving her an instant in with the group.

Miss America

Like Sue Richards, Miss America Chavez is fresh out of things to do now that “Young Avengers” has ended. Rather than leave her to twiddle her thumbs in comic book limbo, A-Force would bring her back in a powerful way. America packs a wicked punch with enhanced strength and the ability to stomp her way through the multiverse. With the multiverse headed for destruction (at least according to the buzz surrounding “Secret Wars”), America has a bit of a conundrum: she’s a multiversal traveler from an alternate reality that was destroyed. While that alone is fodder for a great character-based storyline, America would add some youth to the team alongside Nico and she presents a personality type unlike any of the other members with her understated attitude and quick temper. Watching her integrate and gel with the team would be a fascinating trip much like her stint with the Young Avengers. Though begrudgingly so, America can be a valuable team member when called upon; her rough-and-tumble demeanor simply masks her heart of gold and pure intentions.


You may know her as Captain Marvel, Photon, Pulsar or Spectrum, but she fortunately only has one legal name: Monica Rambeau. As you may or may not have heard — especially if you’ve read Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s “Nextwave” — Monica was not only part of the Avengers but led the team for a time as well. With connections to much of the Marvel Universe, powerful abilities and leadership skills, she has the experience and the know-how to make an impactful asset to the team. Likewise, her levelheadedness, tactical approach and genuine care for her teammates makes her a compassionate but practical hero. Though currently a member of Luke Cage’s Mighty Avengers, Monica travels at the speed of light — she should be able to balance the responsibilities of two teams, no problem.

Misty Knight

Of all the suggested and confirmed members of the team on this list, Misty Knight is probably the most divergent of all. A former cop and just as street savvy as any Hero for Hire should be, Misty never quite enjoyed glamorous superhero celebrity like a lot of Marvel’s protagonists. Skilled in martial arts, firearms and espionage, Misty has a darker, more human edge to her despite her bionic arm. Currently undercover in Madripoor, Misty is a proficient spy and a little rough around the edges. She’s more like Black Widow than any of the other candidates; that is, she can recognize what needs to be done and will take the measures to do so regardless of the cost. Unafraid to get her hands dirty, Misty is sure to face the disapproval of a few members of the established A-Force for her methods and would probably team up with the A-Force only begrudgingly; however, this would be an intriguing source of tension that could provide strong character arcs and development.


As a good friend of She-Hulk, Janet van Dyne is a shoo-in for the A-Force. Likewise, what better start for this new Avengers faction than an original Avenger herself? Jan wears her heart on her sleeve, but she is much more than this. She is not only vivacious and passionate but a survivor, taking ordeals like turbulent relationships and imprisonment in the microverse in stride. After her latest misadventure with her Uncanny Avengers teammate Havok, joining the A-Force would be a breath of fresh air for her, allowing her to flex her skills and have more time to focus on her crime fighting career.

Token Male

The team would be remiss without male representation, of course. Our singular male character must be muscular but lean, amorous and appealing. Though intelligent, his social flubs are charming and naive rather than rude, even if they do bungle up the mission every now and then. His romanticism tends to land him in hot water, especially with the ladies, but his simplicity renders him endearing more than ignorant. At the end of the day, though, his pluck and idealism usually allow him to accomplish the mission. To fill this quota, a character like Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Noh-Varr or Gambit could easily hold the banner of representation for the entire male gender.

Runners Up

All joking aside, Marvel offers a plethora of untapped female potential for the A-Force. Though I provided a list of candidates, I can easily name several other women who would find a solid groove in the A-Force given the opportunity: Hellcat, Kate Bishop, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Valkyrie… the possibilities are endless. As it stands, none of the candidates in this list have been confirmed as members of the A-Force, despite the shifting teams on multiple variant covers. Regardless, as was promised in the same statement as the announcement, A-Force will develop with time and add new members along the way. In the meantime, however, we ponder just who, indeed, might best fit the new team.

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