Five Marvel Teasers Primed For a Full Series

If you've managed to stay offline for the past month, then odds are you've missed the staggering amount of teasers Marvel has released for a still undisclosed event in summer 2015. Over the past few weeks, 15 teasers have been unveiled, all possibly signaling the most crowded and event-filled summer in the history of comics! Or maybe these teasers are teasing something else. We actually don't know for sure if they're for all-new limited series or one-shots, reboots or reimaginings, reprints of the original stories, or possibly a visualization of all the realities in the upcoming multi-dimensional "Secret Wars" series by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. But no matter what they're teasing, there's no denying the fact that fans have really responded to the barrage of simultaneously nostalgic and forward-facing images -- and to some more than others.

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If these teasers are indeed merely hinting at alternate realities or time periods featured in the "Secret Wars" sequel/reboot/remake -- Marvel really has a lot of secrets right now -- then these are the five teasers that we desperately want to see given life in the form of a full-on series. If this sounds like an implausible demand, then consider the trajectory of the recent Spider-Gwen character; she went from a one-shot to an ongoing series within the span of a month. Could one -- or more -- of these teasers follow in Gwen's footsteps?

Age Of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies

Of all 15 teasers, this one is the only one that pits one event up against another in a truly bizarre -- yet inspired -- match-up. On one side, the unliving robotic hordes of the conquering megalomaniac Ultron. On the other, the undead zombified remains of Marvel's wide range of heroes and villains. This series would take Marvel's most prominent horror franchise and drop it smack dab in the middle of a dystopian sci-fi nightmare, where patrolling Ultron automatons would be forced to cut through waves of brain-hungry Avengers and X-Men. Whichever heroes initially survived Ultron's hostile takeover of Earth would find themselves up against an all-new threat, forcing the last humans on the planet to fight a war on two fronts. This series sounds intense, and that's exactly why we want to see it.

Planet Hulk

Okay, "Planet Hulk" was already a long-running storyline by Hulk master Greg Pak, but that event was decidedly void of an axe-wielding Captain America and Devil freakin' Dinosaur. This "Planet Hulk" also seems to take a different spin on the title; whereas the first event told the tale of a planet -- Sakaar -- that came to be ruled by the Hulk, this image teases a planet that is full of Hulks. Old Hulks, She-Hulks, green Hulks, gray Hulks, red Hulks and mustachioed Hulks all form the muscle bound mound that Cap's on a collision course with. As excited as we are to see Devil Dinosaur pop up in a story (could Moon-Boy be far behind?), we really want to see what happens when Cap's axe and shield go up against that army of behemoths.

Inhumans: Attilan Rising

The Inhumans have a big year coming up in 2018, and Marvel's going to have to start building up their profile in advance of their feature film's opening. So far, Marvel has done that by unloading a Terrigen bomb on the Earth's population, thus triggering every latent Inhuman's super power. Thanks to the new arrival of Inhuman heroes like Ms. Marvel, the previously secluded race is enjoying a significant profile boost. Now it's time for that to happen outside of the comics as well. A series like "Attilan Rising" could do just that; just look at all the powerful foes they've bested in that image! Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor -- a series wherein the Inhumans prove their mettle by going up against the heaviest hitters in the Marvel U and win would go a long way towards enhancing these little known characters' cool.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows

Peter Parker has had a rough few years. Having your body possessed by your archenemy and having the last scraps of your psyche temporarily destroyed is definitely not an enjoyable experience, but Petey's bounched back. There's one seismic status quo shift that he hasn't bounced back from yet, though, and that's the Mephisto-manipulated dissolution of his decade-plus long marriage to Mary Jane Watson. The "Renew Your Vows" teaser image shows Spidey and MJ happy together for the first time in a while, giving both of them the break from relentless villainy that they so deserve. The image also includes a third character: Peter and Mary Jane's daughter. The introduction of this character could give another dangling and depressing plot thread a happy ending; the couple had a child in the mid '90s that they thought was stillborn, but it was hinted that the child survived birth and ended up in the care of one of Norman Osborn's henchmen. If Spidey fans could get a series starring this reunited Spider-family that's as positive and fun as this image, that would be a victory.

X-Men '92

For comic book fans aged 25 to 35, odds are seeing this lineup of X-Men in these particular costumes conjured up a very specific -- and powerful -- feeling of nostalgia. Fox's "X-Men" animated series from the early '90s -- 1992, to be exact -- introduced an entire generation of readers to Marvel's mutants and, by association, comic books in general. People involved in every area of the comic book industry, from writers and artists to editors and fans, all cite this cartoon as a big reason why they got into comics, and launching a series that draws inspiration from those positive memories seems like a no-brainer for Marvel. DC's already had success with similar series like the digital-first "Batman '66" and upcoming "Wonder Woman '77." For fans both die-hard and lapsed, this image is what they think of when they think of the X-Men. Could a series like this go a long way towards getting a wayward generation of readers back into comics? Does a mall babe eat chili fries?

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