Five Image Comics Titles Sell Out Simultaneously

Official Press Release

Berkeley, CA - Despite substantial over prints DUST #1, INVINCIBLE 43 & 44, MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS #3 and THE WALKING DEAD #39 have all sold out at the distributor level.

"Having such a wild variety of titles sell out at the same time showcases what's great about Image," said Erik Larsen, Publisher of Image Comics. "Each of these titles caters to a completely different audience, but every single one is in major demand."

Since 1992, Image Comics has been the premier home for creator-owned work of just about every genre with styles all over the artistic continuum. MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS #3's philosophical search for self as told through the history of sequential art extremely differs from THE WALKING DEAD #39's horrific set up to the upcoming series-altering story arc.

Larsen adds, "These are cartoonists, writers and artists at the top of the game doing the work they've wanted to do their entire lives with an immense amount of success. It's books like these I dreamed of when we first formed Image. I couldn't be happier."

Further information on these titles can be found at www.imagecomics.com.

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