Five Heroes Perfect for Marvel's Next Wave of Netflix Series

So, you've finished your binge of "Daredevil" Season Two, and you want more. Sure, you can watch Season One again and revisit "Jessica Jones," but it's still nearly six months before Marvel Television's next series debuts on Netflix: "Luke Cage," scheduled for release on Sept. 30.

After that, fans have "Iron Fist," and then "Marvel's Defenders" to look forward to -- but let's be real. We're comic book fans, and we're already thinking about what's next after all that. As generations of Marvel Comics devotees know, there are many more street-level heroes ready and willing to fight the good fight, who would fit right in with Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny.

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Beyond the stars of the shows, viewers have already seen the Punisher, Elektra and Patsy Trish Walker (AKA Hellcat) kicking ass and taking names. The potential doesn't stop there -- plenty of Marvel characters would be at home in the noir world that Marvel has built on Netflix. Since the first episode of the first season of "Daredevil," Marvel has established a brutal, ever-expanding world that combines the tropes of martial arts cinema with the grim and gritty reality of a Raymond Chandler novel -- while somehow taking place in the same fictional world as large-scale Marvel Studios films like "The Avengers." These five Marvel heroes could each potentially their own Netflix series, in case a new wave of shows is in the works.

Moon Knight

Mark Spector was a mercenary who was gravely injured on the battlefield. As he lay dying, Spector made a deal with Khonshu, the Egyptian god of vengeance, and became the god's divine avatar of justice. Already a man split between two worlds, Spector adopted more personalities and soon became one of the most mentally unstable heroes in Marvel history. "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones" haven't shied away from examining the mental issues of their protagonists and that trend could be brought to the fore with a Moon Knight series. The character walks a razor's edge between horror, crime noir and traditional super heroics, and Spector's compelling rogues gallery and rich mythology should give the writers more than enough room to play. Moon Knight is right at home fighting werewolves or street-level threats and crime lords, making this warrior of the night perfect for inclusion on Marvel's gritty Netflix platform.


Blade the Vampire Hunter kicked off the modern era of super hero films with 1998's "Blade" movie starring Wesley Snipes. Now that the rights have reverted to Marvel, there's little doubt the sword wielding slayer of the undead would fit in very well on Marvel's mean streets. Whether it's Snipes returning to his role as the Daywalker or a new actor wearing the famous trench coat of Blade, the character's tragic back story of a man caught between the worlds of the undead and the living could make for some dramatic TV. While there was a short-lived "Blade" series on Spike in 2006 (starring Sticky Fingaz), the ability to explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe's vampire mythos is likely to make a new take far more successful. Like Moon Knight, Blade is equally at home in the gritty reality of a dark crime drama or thrown headlong into the supernatural, making him a compelling choice for a Netflix series.

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu

"Marvel's Daredevil" has featured plenty of martial arts action by introducing several characters and concepts steeped in Eastern mysticism. This world is expected to grow even more when "Iron Fist" hits Netflix, making the addition of Marvel's own Master of Kung Fu to this hard-hitting, high-kicking world a natural extension. Shang-Chi would not only add some much needed diversity of the MCU, it would also be the first time one of Marvel's most nuanced characters received the live-action treatment. In addition to being the world's greatest martial artist, Shang-Chi is also a gentle soul who only indulges in violence as a last resort. He's the son of a crime lord and an heir to an evil empire, but all he wants is to live a peaceful existence of quiet contemplation. As readers know, there's nothing quiet about the dark world of Marvel's street-level characters, so adding Shang-Chi and his contemplative nature could make him an interesting foil or ally for more punch-first-ask-questions-later heroes like Daredevil or Iron Fist. With Marvel's Netflix titles already showcasing some of the greatest stunt work and fight sequences on TV, Shang-Chi would provide a new challenge to up the studio's considerable ante.

Daughters of the Dragon

Shang-Chi and Iron Fist aren't the only kick-ass martial artists in the neighborhood. Simone Missick will bring Misty Knight to life on "Luke Cage" and this week Marvel announced master martial artist Colleen Wing will be played by Jessica Henwick on "Iron Fist." Together, Knight and Wing make up the Daughters of the Dragon, a duo just as convincing as the classic team of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Wing is one of the world's greatest fighters and Knight is a street tough private dick with a bionic arm. Not only would the Daughters allow Marvel & Netflix to add a second female-driven show to the mix, it would also star two diverse leads while exploring more of the martial arts world. Wing and Knight are a pair of hard hitting BFFs that could take TV by storm as they combine super heroics, martial arts action and a deep and abiding friendship.

The Hood

Marvel's Netflix efforts haven't shied away from dark, violent characters and super powered protagonists don't come any darker than the Hood. When Parker Robbins finds a mystical cloak that gives him super human powers, this newly powered street thug takes over the New York underworld and becomes one of the most dangerous crooks in comic book history. Beneath this dark heart lies a man who would do anything to help his sick mother, his pregnant girlfriend and his alcoholic cousin. With Wilson Fisk in prison after the events of "Daredevil" Season One, could this poor vacuum be filled by an opportunistic crook with newly minted magical powers? "The Hood" on television could combines mystic fantasy with crime noir and provide something entirely new into the this corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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