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Five Goofiest Moments in the First Five Issues of the Silver Surfer

by  in Comic News Comment
Five Goofiest Moments in the First Five Issues of the Silver Surfer

Every day this month will have the five goofiest moment from a five-issue stretch of a particular comic book run. Once a week it will be the ten goofiest moments of a ten-issue stretch. Here is a list of the moments featured so far.

Today we’re looking at the Silver Surfer #1-5 by writer Stan Lee, penciler John Buscema and inkers Joe Sinnott (#1-3) and Sal Buscema (#4-5).

As always, this is all in good fun. I don’t mean any of this as a serious criticism of the comics in question. Great comics often have goofy moments (Kirby/Lee’s Fantastic Four is one of the best comic book runs of all-time and there were TONS of goofy stuff in those 100 plus issues!).


Oh, Galactus, you’re so manipulative…

I like to read this scene from Silver Surfer #1 as Galactus being coy…

Passive-aggressive much, Galactus?

Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission…

In #5, Silver Surfer decides he wants to use Reed Richards’ new “space scrambler” to try to destroy the barrier that Galactus put into place to keep Surfer stuck on Earth. Only he decides that he’d rather not, you know, ASK Reed for it…

Stan Lee – pointed political pundit

I love Stan Lee’s “zingers” against the Chinese in Silver Surfer #1…

5. Surfboard or fainting couch?

I love how goofy Surfer looks at the beginning of Silver Surfer #2…

How emo does he look?

4. The Silver Overacter…

Stan Lee loved to have Surfer give big melodramatic speeches, which is fair enough, but in #1, he goes waaaay over-the-top as Buscema decides to draw Surfer as if he is trodding the boards as Hamlet…

3. What’s this device called?

In the origin of the Surfer in #1, as Galactus approaches, the people of Surfer’s planet debate using some device against Galactus. I can’t quite discern what the name of the device is…

2. Too Close for Comfort…

In #5, we get the goofy sight of Ben Grimm and Reed Richards, for some unknown reason, sharing a bathroom in the morning…

How bizarre.

1. Yetis, Stan? Yes, yetis!

So in #1, Surfer is thinking about his lot in life when suddenly, of course, he is attacked by yetis!!

How goofy is that? What makes you think that what this Surfer story needed was some yetis?!

Even best is how Lee manages to work the yetis into Surfer’s speech as a metaphor…

Each person is a yeti, in their own way.


That’s deep!

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