Fists of Legend: Howard Shum previews 'Gun Fu: The Lost City #2'

[Gun Fu 2]Guns. Martial Arts. Beautiful Women. The hottest Ebonics this side of 50 Cent.

Put it all together and you've got "Gun Fu." Add in a little Amazon and you've got "Gun Fu: The Lost City," the mini-series that'll see it's second issue hitting stores very soon. CBR News spoke with writer Howard Shum for a brief introduction to all things Fu-licious and he provided CBR with preview pages from the upcoming issue. But what is "Gun-Fu?"

"The year is 1936. Cheng Bo Sen is a violent Hong Kong cop who gets recruited by England to help fight the Nazis," explains Shum. "He also speaks hip-hop which no one seems to notice. In his first mission he stops the Nazis' plans to build giant robot soldiers.

[Gun Fu 2 Alternate]"In the current miniseries, the Queen of England sends Cheng and archaeology professor Dr. Dumple on a reconnaissance mission in the dangerous jungles of South America to see if the Nazis are searching for a lost city filled with treasure.

"There is also a mysterious and beautiful Jaguar Girl prowling through the jungle."

The first issue of this mini-series delivered the action and humor that "Gun Fu" fans were waiting for… but how do you raise the stakes even higher? Give the fans more! "In 'The Lost City #2,' there is intense action, suspense, more laughs, and blossoming love!" smiles the writer. "We learn more about Jaguar Girl. The secret evil experiment that Nazi scientist Dr. Prugel has been working on is also revealed.

[Gun Fu 2 Ad]"There is also an amazing alternate cover by Alberto Ruiz. I am honored that this is Alberto's first comic book work. He is a well-respected and popular artist in the illustration field and I'm certain huge acclaim will follow him into the comic world."

Those just jumping onboard with this mini-series need not worry about dangling plot threads- Shum is committed to delivering everything in the four issues he has to work with. "Just as the Gun Fu one-shot stood alone story-wise, 'The Lost City' will also be complete in itself as well. There can and will be other Gun Fu stories after this one."

It always helps to have big names loving your work and Shum has no shortage of fans in high places. "If the accolades hailed upon 'Gun Fu' by the likes of Dave Sim, J. Scott Campbell, Kim Possible director Chris Bailey, Mike Wieringo, Darwyn Cooke, and Frank Cho aren't enough to convince people to pick up 'Gun Fu,' how about the knowledge that a portion of each sale of the comic goes to help fund the emergency surgery to separate Gun Fu penciler Joey Mason from his Siamese twin brother Uday Mason?" laughs the scribe.

He also feels any preview for his series wouldn't be complete without adding, "Who else in comics mixes hyperkinetic action, comedy, fun art, hip-hop, beautiful women, and evil Nazis into compelling stories?"

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