Fisher-Price's vision for the future of toys will make you envious

This glimpse into the future of toys may make you wish you hadn't been born ... yet, anyway.

Eighty-six-year-old toymaker Fisher-Price partnered with design consultancy Continuum for this concept video that envisions what child's play will be like in 2025.

In that not-too-distant future, interactivity will be key, as plastic gives way to holograms -- on the wall, on the ceiling, on windows and in the air -- and felt pieces lay the groundwork for the appearance of three-dimensional toys from a Star Trek-like replicator.

Fisher-Price's Mark Zeller offers insights into what the future holds at Co.Create, but if it even comes close to that video, the next generation is going to haunted by an unbelievable number of stories that begin with, "Well, when I was a kid ..."

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