First Trailer Lands For Paul Feig's 'Other Space'

If you had high hopes for "Other Space," the sci-fi comedy series from by Paul Feig, this official trailer may send them crashing back to Earth.

On the plus side, it features among its cast "Mystery Science Theater 3000" veterans Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu; on the negative side, it plays like a particularly rough "Saturday Night Live" sketch about a sci-fi comedy. But, hey, maybe the actual series will be better ...

The first season arrives April 14 on Yahoo! Screen.

It is the year 2105… a young, inexperienced and highly flawed crew embarks on a routine exploratory space mission. Suddenly, their ship, the UMP Cruiser, is drawn through a portal into a different, mysterious universe. With no maps, no contact, and no way back home, Captain Stewart Lipinski, First Officer/Stewart’s-Older-Sister Karen Lipinski and their crew have to learn to work together, all while dealing with mysterious space clouds, food and fuel shortages, robot rebellions, folds in time, and the occasional alien attack.

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