First taste is free with 'Cartozia Tales'

Cartozia Tales is a collaborative comic drawn by a roster of talented indie creators, including Sarah Becan and Lucy Bellwood, that's a cartographic twist on the notion of an exquisite corpse: The comic is set in an imaginary world that is divided into nine different regions, and each contributor takes a different region in every issue. The result is a lively comic with a variety of different styles and stories, knit together by geography.

The comic is all-ages, in the sense that there isn't anything that would disturb a 6-year-old, but it's plenty sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy. Guest contributors include James Kochalka, Dylan Horrocks and Evan Dahm.

Editor Isaac Cates ran a successful Kickstarter in September 2013 that raised almost $45,000 to cover production costs and also paying the contributors. However, that wasn't enough to fund the planned 10-issue run, and so, with Issue 7 at the printer, the funds are starting to run out, and Cates is looking to raise more money before the bills for Issue 8 come due.

Rather than launch another Kickstarter, he's offering discount codes for readers to get a digital copy of the first issue of the comic for free, the second issue for $1 and the third for $1.50. The hope is that once readers see the comic, they will want more and will either buy the other copies or subscribe. There's also a discount on subscriptions for those who bite. The full poster, with all the discount codes, is below.

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