First Look at Marvel's Spider-Geddon Reveals Spider-Verse Ties


Marvel's solicitations for August bore some details about the Spider-Geddon event the publisher teaser late last week.

Based on the two issues of Edge of Spider-Geddon that were solicited, it looks like Spider-Geddon will be styled after 2014's Spider-Verse, a storyline that culled the population of those with spider powers across the multiverse. Considering the ominous title of 2018's Spider-event, things aren't looking too good for the surviving Spider-Men and Women.

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The first two issues of Edge of Spider-Geddon bring back SP//dr and Spider-Punk. The former, aka Peni Parker, is a young girl whose parents built a spider-powered bio-mech suit. After being murdered for their scientific achievements, their daughter is the only one with a bio-signature that can pilot the suit. Along with her mentor, the Daredevil of her universe, Peni takes on corruption and villainy in Tokyo as SP//dr.

The Anarchic Spider-Punk first appeared in a short story in Spider-Verse #2 in which he murdered President Osborne with pure punk rock and a whole mess of amps. This story ended on a pretty steep cliffhanger which has yet to be addressed.

While Spider-Punk, aka Hobie Parker, was a member of the interdimensional team of the Web Warriors our Spidey put together (and is a skin in the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game), SP//dr hasn't been seen since Spider-Verse's end four years ago.

Check out the full solicitation and cover images for Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 and 2 below, and check back with CBR soon for more on the event.


  • Issue #2 - ZAC THOMPSON & LONNIE NADLER with Gerard Way (W) • JAKE WYATT (A/C)
  • issue #1 - Spider-Punk is back and better than ever. After SPIDER-VERSE, Hobie Brown was a Web Warrior, but that didn’t mean things back in his universe were solved. The writer of the SPIDER-PUNK story in SPIDER-VERSE is back and joined by VENOM’S Gerardo Sandoval! Spider-Punk’s Earth is under attack both on the ground and from space, meaning his responsibility seems to outweigh his power. Don’t miss this first shot of the SPIDER-EVENT of 2018!
  • issue #2 - After Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, The Umbrella Academy) and Jake Wyatt created SP//dr back in SPIDER-VERSE, she was one of the most requested heroes. With Spider-Geddon on the horizon, SP//dr is back. Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler are joining the team to bring you the next chapter in Peni Parker’s life and set the table for the Spider-Event of 2018!
  • 32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$3.99 (EACH)

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