First 'Queen & Country' collection gets hard and soft treatment

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[Queen and Country]In March of 2002, Oni Press will be releasing a collection of the first story arc from QUEEN & COUNTRY. Written by Greg Rucka and illustrated Steve Rolston, QUEEN & COUNTRY: BROKEN GROUND introduces readers to the cold world of international espionage, focusing specifically on a faction of special operatives in the British SIS called "Minders." The first issue of QUEEN & COUNTRY immediately sold out upon initial release, and a second printing quickly followed.

In an unprecedented move for Oni, they will be releasing QUEEN & COUNTRY: BROKEN GROUND as a simultaneous hardcover and softcover. The interior contents are the same on both, collecting all four issues of the story as well as the short story collaboration between Rucka and Stan Sakai. The main difference, besides cover stock, is that the trade paperback version will feature a new cover by the DAREDEVIL: YELLOW team of Tim Sale and Matthew Hollingsworth, who also did the covers for the original comic books. As an added bonus, Warren Ellis, creator of MINISTRY OF SPACE and TRANSMETROPOLITAN will be providing the book's introduction.

The hardcover edition of BROKEN GROUND is going to feature a simulated leather surface, with no dust jacket or illustration. It will be strictly limited to initial orders. Once the first print run is gone, that will be it. The softcover will remain in print indefinitely.

"For Oni, QUEEN & COUNTRY is a different book, so we really wanted to do something different with it," commented Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "We thought the book would benefit from the presentation, and as Rucka fans ourselves, we wanted an edition that would fit nicely on our book shelf with the hardcover releases of his Atticus Kodiak novels."

"The opening story on QUEEN & COUNTRY is the sort of comic book I've always wanted to write," Rucka said. "It sits very high on my comics resume as work that I am very proud of. Like many comics, I think it will really benefit from being under one cover-and whichever version you choose, it's going to be a nice cover. I can't wait."

The QUEEN & COUNTRY: BROKEN GROUND collections contain 120 pages of black-and-white story and art. Both will ship to comics shops on March 29, 2002. The hardcover edition will retail for $25, while the regular trade paperback retails for $11.95. Due to violence and explicit language, it is suggested for mature readers.

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