First Powerless TV Spot Hopes to Save Us from Superheroes

Living in a world with superheroes is dangerous business, but Wayne Security is here to help. The first TV spot for NBC's Powerless reveals just why co-existing with superheroes would really suck (who's going to pay for the damage to that car?!). Fortunately, this colorful "Powerless" spot proves that there are people who are willing to step up.

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The trailer follows Vanessa Hudgens' Emily Locke after she lands a job at Wayne Security. In this first look at Locke, she can barely control her excitement as she clutches a book titled "Wayne or Lose" to her chest (and the book has sold over six million copies, don't you know!). As she crosses the threshold into her new work building, she encounters a host of colorful characters who are working hard to provide life-saving technology to the average citizen -- like an anti-rubble umbrella, for instance.

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From this first look, "Powerless" appears to be a lot more vibrant than its cinematic counterpart. There's also a dash more humor, as several of the team's inventions fail in spectacular fashion. It also looks as though the show won't shy away from superhero antics despite its focus on everyday people; the trailer opens with a high-flying super battle, that results in a smashed car for one poor man.

The upcoming NBC sitcom follows the lives of a group of workers at Wayne Security as they navigate a world populated with the likes of superheroes Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern. “Powerless” stars Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches and Christina Kirk. Michael Patrick Jann will executive produce the series.

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According to the official series description,

In a world where humanity must cope with the collateral damage of Super Heroes and Super-Villains, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) begins her first day as Director of Research & Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises that specializes in products that make defenseless bystanders feel a little safer. Full of confidence and big ideas, Emily quickly learns that her expectations far exceed those of her new boss (Alan Tudyk) and officemates, so it will be up to her to lead the team toward their full potential and the realization that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero.

“Powerless” arrives Thursday, February 2 at 8:30 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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