First 'Minority Report' Trailer Looks to the Future

Fox has released several new trailers for its upcoming television season, including a first look at "Minority Report," which will act as a sequel to the 2002 sci-fi thriller of the same name.

A loose continuation of Stephen Spielberg’s loose adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story, the show focuses on a formerly police owned "precog" named Will Blake (Wilmer Valderrama) who struggles to find his place in the real world ten years after the end of the original film.

Starring Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Wilmer Valderrama, Daniel London, Laura Regan, Li Jun Li and Zhane Hall, "Minority Report" comes from a pilot script by "Godzilla's" Max Borenstein with showrunner Kevin Falls producing alongside Mylod and Amblin’s Spielberg, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank.

"Minority Report" will air on Fox this fall.

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