First "Metal Gear Solid" Series To Be Collected

Official Press Release

San Diego, CA - When it comes to stealth missions, there's no one better than Solid Snake; and when it comes to telling his story, there's no one better than IDW Publishing!

When a genetically-enhanced band of terrorists overrun a secret weapons facility in Alaska, the fate of America–and the world–hangs in the balance. The future lies in the hands of infiltration expert Solid Snake, who must defeat the terrorists or die trying. This volume, based on the smash hit Konami videogame, collects issues 1 through 6 of IDW Publishing's comic series, is written by Kris Oprisko (Clive Barker's The Thief of Always) and features artwork by Ashley Wood (Popbot).

"This collection really exemplifies what a great showcase Metal Gear Solid is for Ashley Wood's amazing art," said IDW's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall, "and the stories take the reader in places that even hardcore MGS gamers didn't expect. This first collection will really offer something for everyone."

Metal Gear Solid: Volume 1 is offered in both Hardcover ($50.00, ISBN: 1-932382-64-X) and Softcover ($19.99, ISBN: 1-932382-81-X) editions. The Hardcover edition includes a numbered tip-in plate signed by series artist Ashley Wood. Both issues contain 164 full-color pages.

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