FIRST LOOK: "Turok, Son of Stone"

It's been eight years since the dinosaur fighting Indian warrior known as Turok has graced the pages of an original comic book series. And while the franchise hasn't lain entirely dormant thanks to a series of video games that ran through 2008, the stories told in more recent times have remained far afield from the character's original conception of a time lost freedom fighter in a prehistoric valley.

This October, Dark Horse brings the character back to his roots in more ways than one with the launch of "Turok, Son of Stone" - the latest in its revivals of the Gold Key properties spearheaded by writer Jim Shooter. Aside from regaining its original series title, this "Turok" will hew closer to its roots in many ways as can be seen in the solicitation text and cover image Dark Horse provided exclusively to CBR News.

Anchored by "Mass Effect: Incursion" artist Eduardo Francisco with covers by Raymond Swanland, the new Turok team will kick-start the ongoing series with a revisitation of the hero's origins as a 15th Century Native American who is swept away to a hidden prehistoric world along with his young friend Andar. However, Shooter and company also plan to expand out upon the early trappings of the "Son of Stone" title with a variety of new villains on top of the ever-present dinosaur menace.

Check out the full solicitations for the issue below, and stay tuned to CBR for more on Dark Horse's entire Gold Key revitalization!

Turok, Son of Stone

Writer:  Jim Shooter

Artist:  Eduardo Francisco

Cover:  Raymond Swanland

On sale:  October 13, 2010

Price: $3.50

The American Southwest, 1428. Turok, a wanderer, a warrior wise and strong, rescues young Andar, son of a Chiricahua chief, from death at the hands of raiders from a great city to the south. Pursued by the ruthless King Maxtla and his Aztec host, Turok and Andar seek refuge in a vast cavern-where a force beyond comprehension sweeps them all away to a savage, timeless land of rampaging dinosaurs and unimagined wonders. Maxtla sees only a new world to seize-but first, the prisoner who slipped his grasp must be recaptured and sacrificed. Hunted by the would-be God-King in a world of danger and death, Turok and Andar encounter an even deadlier threat-the fearsome Panther People and their mysterious, mesmerizing goddess, Aasta.

Dark Horse Comics proudly heralds the return of Turok, Son of Stone, reimagined for the 21st century by legendary writer Jim Shooter and illustrated by hot new talent Eduardo Francisco (Victory, Executive Assistant: IRIS). Turok, Son of Stone is the third chapter in an exciting program of titles guided by Shooter, including Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom; Magnus Robot Fighter; and the upcoming Mighty Samson. As a special bonus, this 48-page special first-issue includes the very first Turok story from 1954!

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